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January’s garnet birthstone is generally found in shades of rich, earthy red, representing love and friendship. The fun thing about garnet is that it’s actually found in all kinds of colors, with the rarest being an elegant shade of blue.

Luscious purple rhodolite garnet is a magnificent alternative to amethyst.


Elegant tsavorite garnet captures emerald-like greens.


But one of garnet’s best-kept secrets is its gorgeous pink stones. Named lotus garnet for their delicate pink shade, lotus garnets are a particular pale-pink shade of malaya garnet.


Lotus garnet was only discovered in 2015. Alluvial deposits - formed when minerals are eroded from their source and transported by water to a new location - were discovered in dried-up riverbeds in Northern Tanzania. There’s no known origin of lotus garnet, so the stone isn’t currently being mined, but more may show up in dried-up riverbeds, or a mine may be discovered in the future.

Malaya garnet is the name for a particular shade family of garnet. These light pinkish to orange garnets are composed of the pyrope, almandine, and spessartine garnet families. As mentioned, lotus garnet is a lighter shade of malaya garnet, available in pinkish orange to orangey pink shades. 


Many lotus garnets have a color shift in daylight; in daylight, lotus garnets appear to be a richer shade. Similar in color to pale pink morganite, lotus garnet has a higher refractive index. This means that lotus garnet has more sparkle than morganite, and won’t fade over time as is prone to happen with morganite.

Elegant padparadscha sapphires are a pretty pink-orange shade, with an exceptional hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, but are quite expensive because of their rarity. Lotus garnets are remarkably similar in color, and have an excellent Mohs rating of 7 to 7.5, making them suitable for everyday way. In this way, lotus garnet can be a less expensive but just as beautiful alternative to padparadscha sapphire. Lotus garnets are also natural, untreated stones, their brilliant shades of pink shining through with no necessary treatments.

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