It’s been an odd year for all of us. Concerts have been canceled, sporting events postponed, even major life events put on hold. Even the U.S. tax deadline has been extended (to July 15, so if you haven’t filed yet, get those taxes submitted!) And like everything else this year, some tax returns have been delayed, which has given plenty of people more time to think about what to spend that return on.

If you haven’t considered it already, invest in jewelry! 

From buying quality pieces that become heirlooms to investing in ever-changing gold to creating a special surprise moment in life, investing in jewelry can bring a multitude of benefits. Let’s take a closer look at some great reasons to consider investing in jewelry.

Invest in Gold

Gold traditionally holds a high value over most other precious metals. In ancient cultures, it was a sure sign of wealth and beauty, both as currency and as jewelry or accessories. Gold is still tied to currency in many countries, and as that market fluctuates, the price of gold fluctuates as well. 

Gold makes a beautiful long-term investment, as gold’s luster never fades and timeless gold jewelry styles can be worn forever.

Check out some of our favorite gold pieces for sprucing up your look:
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Invest in Heirlooms

A treasured engagement ring, a custom-designed pendant, or that perfect pair of earrings are all incredible investments that you’ll enjoy in the present. But their beauty and value doesn’t stop there!

An engagement ring can be a wonderful piece to pass down to the next generation, allowing family traditions to carry on through lifetimes. The same goes for any other piece of jewelry, from a high-quality watch to a simple pair of studs.

Here are our favorite pieces with loads of heirloom potential:

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Invest in Happiness

It doesn’t cost much to put a smile on someone’s face. Surprising a special someone with a jewelry gift is a lovely way to show your appreciation for all that they do, and what better time to give a surprise than with a little extra money in your pocket?

Day’s has a huge selection of quality jewelry at various price points, so no matter the size of your surprise, we’ve got you covered.

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