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Happy March! Spring is on the way and March’s birthstone is the perfect way to represent the melting of snow and ice, and the entrance of warm days on the way. 

Round cut Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is a stunning, brilliant blue option for anyone looking to get in the spirit of the springtime. So, while you pick out some of your favorite pieces in preparation, take a few moments to learn about the fun and exciting facts about this month’s glamorous birthstone.


1. Aquamarine has a history of traditional folklore across many cultures 

The gemstone has long been associated with its ability to capture the energy of the ocean. When aquamarine amulets and pendants were worn by sailors, they believed that unmatched bravery would be instilled in their souls. In some areas, these jewels accompanied their owners while out on the high seas and, in the event of a storm, were tossed overboard to subdue the Greek god Poseidon's anger. Similarly, in ancient Roman culture, aquamarine was said to be sacred to the god, Neptune, and would even be worn with Neptune's likeness carved into it. 

Aquamarine was also appreciated in Indian culture, as it was connected to the Buddhist religion, and used as a symbol of love and mercy. It also, as in so many other cultures, was used as a representation of the ocean and all that it held for human life.

Today, aquamarine is thought to bring healing and harmony to the body and soul of the wearer. 


2. Aquamarine is in the same mineral family as emeralds

Emerald GemstoneWhile the two gemstones may seem wildly different, aquamarine and emerald, along with many of your other favorite precious gems, belong to the mineral family: beryl. Aquamarine is given its brilliant color because of trace amounts of iron present in the naturally colorless beryl. The more iron is present, the richer the color will become. Naturally, aquamarine's blue color will actually appear a variety of blue-green, which can deepen in richness depending on the amount of iron present. However, in many cases, aquamarine can be heat treated to bring out the blue in the gem and forgo the green tints. 


3. Aquamarine gets its name from Latin roots

The word “aquamarine” can be broken down into the Latin root words “aqua” and “marina”. Together, these root words become “aquamarine”, which means “sea water”. Just looking at the exquisite green-blue color range of aquamarine brings to mind the clear, gorgeous waters of different parts of the world. From the bright blue Caribbean sea to the green-blue waters of the Atlantic, aquamarine is the perfect reflection of the ocean’s powerful presence. 


Blue Mountaintops

4. Aquamarine is the state gemstone of Colorado

Found on the peaks of Mount Antero and White Mountain in Colorado, the gemstone is precious to the state because of its local mines. Aquamarine was named the state gem of Colorado in April of 1971. Together with red rhodochrosite and white yule marble, Colorado’s gemological symbols create a red, white, and blue collection. 


Whether you’re seeking out aquamarine for a birthstone piece, or because you love the exquisite clarity and color of the gem, aquamarine is sure to keep you delighted and entranced for as long as you wear it. 


Take a look at a few of our aquamarine favorites below, or view our entire aquamarine jewelry collection on our website anytime!




Kyra Zabel

Day’s Jewelers Copywriter