Leo Zodiac Stone: Romantic and Enchanting

Welcome to Leo season! Well, almost. The Leo zodiac month runs from July 23rd - August 22nd, but, honestly, I couldn’t wait until Friday (Leos are secretly my favorite, but don’t tell all my Pisces friends). So, in honor of all the Leos out there, let’s get ready for Leo season together! 

Leos are a passionate, loving, loyal fire sign. They are frequently known as lovers of the spotlight and attention, but are equally willing to quickly step aside to encourage the success and shining light of their loved ones when the situation calls for it. This, along with their creativity and passion, make Leos well suited for positions of power, or jobs like teaching and leading, where they are sure to lead with grace and love, putting the needs of those they care about at the forefront of their decisions. Their generosity and love leads them to be helpful, attentive, and caring of the issues and needs of others.

Onyx Rough to Polished

The gemstone that represents, protects, and encourages the growth of a Leo best is the Onyx. Onyx is best known as a stunning, naturally deep black stone that pairs beautifully with virtually any color or metal. This is a wonderful stone for the spotlight loving (sometimes dramatic) Leo, as it is a deep, mysterious stone that will draw attention and become a great conversation starter when used in jewelry. Leos will love how many questions they get about their Onyx pieces and will handle this attention with grace and class.

Leos can also be known to be romantics, as they always want to be given the best, and treated the best. Romantic picnics, elaborate meals, and expensive restaurants are some of the best ways to woo a Leo, making Onyx a wonderful gift for the Leo in your life. What’s more romantic than a mysterious, enchanting stone set into a beautiful piece of jewelry? 

Onyx may serve as a great conversation starter and attention piece, but it also serves a purpose that is deeper than a surface level attention grabber. Onyx has been known throughout history to quell anxiety and absorb negativity that exists within or around the wearer. Though Leos are wonderfully loving and sweet, their need for positive attention and reassurance can put them in a bad place emotionally when they feel that they haven’t been given the attention or reassurance they need or deserve. This can lead Leos down a spiral of self doubt or outward anger and resentment. In cases like these, Onyx is a fantastic stone to have on hand as it can calm these feelings and absorb the negative energy and emotional state that causes this spiral to become worse or more intense. Having a stone that acts as a natural calming agent is perfect for Leos!

So, if you’re looking for a birthday gift for the loving, passionate, Leo in your life, or if you’re a Leo looking to treat yourself, consider Onyx! 

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Whether you choose one of these Onyx pieces, or want one a bit more specific to your style, we can’t wait to see what you pick out! Be sure to tag @daysjewelers in any of your stunning Onyx instagram posts for a chance to be featured on our page! 

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Happy birthday, Leos!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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