Emerald and yellow gold necklace

The enchanting birthstone of May, emeralds are one of the most well recognized gemstones aside from diamonds. It is so recognizable and well known, in fact, that it has a popular gemstone cut named after it. Emerald cuts are what is known as a “step-cut” that creates a mirrored light effect, reflecting light in flashes rather than individual sparkles. This unique effect compliments emeralds beautifully, but it’s used for countless other gemstones, including diamonds, as well!Emeralds

Throughout history, emeralds have been revered and adored by many. They were notable for being a gemstone worn by royalty, and were even called, “The Jewel of Kings”. Like all popular gemstones, emeralds carry with them a large number of stories, folklore, and mythology to explain their existence and powers. 

One notable culture that embraced the beauty of emeralds was ancient Egypt. Stories tell of Cleopatra’s love for emeralds as she likely used them as a way to communicate and assert her wealth and power statuses. It was believed, at this time, that emeralds had the power to promote fertility and lasting health. 

More romantically, emeralds have been viewed as a symbol of eternal love and lasting adoration. Ancient Greek mythology tells of Aphrodite’s association with emeralds as a representation of love and Greek history notes that many Ancient Greeks wore the gemstone to honor her. 

Possibly the most interesting and detailed mythological tale of emeralds comes from the ancient South American civilization, Inca, where emeralds were appreciated with grandeur and great interest and used in rituals and other cultural practices. Their lore tells of the first man and woman put on the earth by the Incan god, Ares. They were told that as long as they could stay faithful, they would be gifted eternal youth. However, when one eventually gave in to temptation and began to age, her husband ended his own life instead of living in a state of endless youth without his beloved wife. When his wife discovered this, she wept for him and her tears turned into beautiful green emerald stones. 

History reminds us of the beauty, power, and elegance of emeralds, and who better to take fashion advice from than those who’ve lived before us and done it all already!

So, if your birthday is in May, hop on one of history’s most prominent trends and treat yourself to some emeralds!

Happy birthday to all those born in May!


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Creative Content & Copywriter