Citrine and diamond ring

Rough cut citrine gemstonPerfectly paired with elegant yellow gold for a glowing, enchanting Fall look, November’s birthstone shines brightly in the face of falling leaves and harvest season’s end. Citrine is the glamorous late-Fall version of quartz that you’ll love to embrace for any exquisite looks you create this season. 

Beloved throughout the ages, citrine has a history as rich as its beautiful color, and cultures across time tell stories of its power and influence on society. Frequently associated with the sun due to its brilliant yellow color, citrine crystal is believed by many today to hold the powers of abundance, positivity, and happiness. Unlike many other gemstones, citrine has been believed to be one of the only gems that actively repels negative energy, rather than absorbing or attracting it. 

For many years, the difference between citrine and topaz was not distinguished, and the two stones were used interchangeably. In fact, the word, "Citrine" was used for centuries, beginning in approximately 1385, to describe any brightly colored yellow gemstone. 

Roman, Greek, and Egyptian societies all appreciated the beauty of citrine, and held beliefs about powers that this brilliant gemstone harbored. In all three cultures, citrine was thought to be a powerful stone with the ability to calm temper and soothe the wearer’s anger, encourage wealth and prosperity, and breathe life into those who wore it. 

Oval cut citrine gemstone

Ancient Greeks carved images into yellow citrine stones.

Ancient Egyptians used the gemstone as talismans. These were thought to hold the powers of citrine within them and ward off evil or negative forces. 

Ancient Romans fit citrine gemstones into rings worn by priests. Much like Egyptian practices, this was said to ward off the evil forces that could challenge a priest in their life’s work.

Whether you are looking to decorate your own wardrobe this November, or treat someone you love to a beautiful November birthstone piece, you’ll find all of the beauty and positive energy that you desire in citrine. Be sure to take a look at our collection of favorite citrine pieces for Fall below, or shop our entire citrine selection on our website anytime!


Happy birthday, November babies!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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