It's not everyday that a proposal takes place in a foriegn country that Day's gets to be part of! Below Elsie and Griffin share their experience of going to the Great Wall and working with Day's Jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring (nice work Griffin!).

Elsie's magical day:

When planning the trip to Korea, we made sure to keep the Great Wall on the list of "must see". As we rode up the chair lift through the haze we could see the wall becoming more clear. And when we finally walked out it was surreal. We had to keep telling ourselves where we were and how amazing it was to really be standing on such a historic site. At the top of a small mound in the wall our tour guide said that would be a great spot for a picture. As we posed, Griffin pulled out a small box. It was too small for a ring, so that thought was quickly ruled out. Inside the box though, was a golden snitch, which was such a thoughtful gift for any Harry Potter fan. It was actually a locket I had been hinting towards. It wasn't until I opened the locket when I saw the "will you marry me" inscribed. And as I read it, Griffin knelt down with the ring. Neither of us can remember what we said, but I did manage to say yes. The day that seemed to be unreal became a fairy tale. It really wasn't until we were riding down on the toboggans that I had a chance to look at how beautiful and perfect the ring was.



Griffin's story of finding the perfect engagement ring:

Looking back over the experience of searching for the perfect ring, I am so thankful for the exceptional personal attention and advice I received. When I first walked in to the Day's Jewelers in Bangor, I was nervous and unsure of what I was even looking for. I'm sure April noticed my confusion because she kindly and patiently assisted me on the multiple occasions I visited the store. I initially just browsed, trying to get an idea but I was soon looking to pick out the perfect engagement ring! April took the time to explain to me the 4 C's of diamonds and helped show me the quality diamonds from Forevermark. She also took the time to explain the way the De Beers Group did business and I knew I wanted to support this company! After looking through the case, we were able to pick out the perfect diamond, that just sparkled in the light and I knew it was the one.

The more challenging choice to make was the right setting. I had some idea of what I wanted but April took the time to pull out ring after ring until we found the perfect one! I knew I wanted the ring to be one of a kind, and the rose gold stood out as a beautiful color. The diamond could not be set in the store that day because of the color, but April and I exchanged emails and spoke over the logistics of how I would be able to get it half way across the world. I could not ask for a better experience in the Day's Jewelers store and the staff were just so wonderful! They were so helpful that being stationed thousands of miles away, we were still able to communicate and get the ring fitted perfectly for the big day.

I am amazed how beautiful the ring turned out and when I first got the pictures, April said they did not do it justice! She was so right! On that special day on the Great Wall of China, that ring absolutely sparkled on Elsie's finger and I was so happy everything had worked out to plan!

Thanks again April and the Day's Jeweler's Staff! ~Elsie Mason & Griffin LeClair