"I left my scarf there at your sister's house" Red Scarf

Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift (a Swiftie, if you will), you know that these last few months have been a WHIRLWIND. For many people, November means pumpkin pie, preparing for Christmas, and family gatherings. For us, though, it’s the month we’ve been looking forward to since June 18th, when Taylor first announced that Red would be her next re-recorded album release. So, in honor of today being the long awaited release day, I’ve put together a collection of jewelry to match ALL of your Red (TV) re-release moods! (if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan and haven’t listened to the Red album, I’m very sorry for all of the references in this blog that you may not understand. Please utilize our website chat feature for any concerns or confusions and I’ll genuinely be thrilled to explain every single reference to you if you’d like.) Without further ado, here are my top picks for the jewelry you’ll need to accompany the emotional chaos of Red (Taylor’s Version).




1. Garnet Ring with Diamonds 

Garnet Ring with Diamonds in 14kt White Gold Garnet is intense and dramatic. It’s powerful and deeply colored; it sparks conversation and bleeds beauty and emotion and clarity. To me, garnet IS Red. This exquisite garnet ring uses geometric shapes and two evenly placed diamonds to direct the eyes to a perfect, stunningly cut red garnet stone in the center. Wear this ring to your Red listening party, or every day as a bold and glamorous statement to bring color and beauty to your outfit. Either way, I’m sure you’ll agree that this stylish garnet ring is a beautiful addition to your life.

2Estate Leaf Pin

Estate Leaf Pin in 14kt Yellow GoldIf autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place were a piece of jewelry, it would be this beautiful 14kt gold estate leaf pin. Estate pieces hold within them a history that is mystical and enchanting, something that the Red album truly embodies in both its lyrics and its musical elements. Whether you shop estate for the beautiful and mysterious histories that each piece carries, or because a certain piece just truly calls to you, it’s an incredible option for anyone searching for the perfect piece. Estate pieces are unique and one of a kind, though, so RUN, don’t walk, to our web store for this perfectly themed leaf pin (and then pin it to your red scarf to get into the Red (TV) mood). 

3. Estate Hamilton Watch with Diamonds

Estate Hamilton Watch in Platinum with Diamonds

Accessorize the heartbreaking moment you knew with a watch that will sparkle like crystal teardrops streaming down your face (in front of everyone you know). Another estate piece, this Hamilton platinum watch is a memorial of the lives it’s brought beauty to in the past. Mark your name down and begin your own chapter in the unique story that this exquisite watch will tell. Time still won't fly when you're paralyzed by it, but at least you'll be paralyzed in style.

4. Couple's Chains

32" Estate Pearl Necklace & 2.5mm 20" Franco Chain

Estate Pearl Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold (32 inches)Franco Chain in 14kt Yellow Gold (20 inches and 2.5mm wide)

If you’re in a healthy, loving relationship with a partner that is neither toxic nor distant, you need pieces to wear together while you sob into the void of Taylor’s lyrics with a single lit candle in your bedroom. One of the most exciting, fun things to do with a long-term partner is pretend to live a fantasy life full of high class glamor. Wear these classy, gold chain necklaces for your listening party AND while you sneak into a yacht club party, pretending to be a duchess and a prince. Taylor would want it that way for you (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. My boyfriend might disagree, we’ll see).

Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces Into Place


Do you agree with my picks? Are there other pieces you have from us that you’d suggest for this collection? Tag @daysjewelers in all of your social media posts with your favorite Red (TV) inspired jewelry looks!


See the starlight and dream impossible dreams, today, and every day, Swifties! I hope you all have a wonderful re-release day.


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Creative Content & Copywriter


*This is not an official Red collection, nor is Day’s Jewelers affiliated with Taylor Swift’s brand or company in any way.