everlon_diamond_knot_bangle_bracelet_in_14kt_yellow_gold_and_sterling_silverLast week the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office awarded the trademark "Everlon Diamond Knot Collection" to its designer, DeBeers. When DeBeers first introduced Everlon to America in 2009, they selected Day's Jewelers as one of only 300 companies nationwide to represent the exclusive collection. I knew from the beginning that Everlon was going to be a winner. DeBeers, the diamond mining company who coined the phrase "A Diamond is Forever," is noted for awarding winning jewelry design concepts. Their 3 diamond "Past, Present and Future" collection took the world by storm several years ago and still is exceptionally popular as is their "Diamond Journey" styling.

everlon_diamond_knot_earrings_in_sterling_silverEverlon is a diamond jewelry design featuring the Hercules or square knot. Being an Eagle Scout, I know that the square know is one of the toughest knots you can tie. In Everlon diamond jewelry; this knot symbolizes the powerful bond of love. A diamond, nature's hardest substance, is mounted in the center of the knot.

When Everlon was first introduced, styles were very basic, created in either white or yellow gold. Today at Day's you'll find the largest selection in America with over 140 fabulous Everlon styles in earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. Day's selection includes jewelry set in sterling silver, rose gold and two-tone colors.

everlon_diamond_knot_ring_in_14kt_yellow_gold_and_sterling_silverIt is important to note that Everlon Jewelry is available in various diamond qualities and levels of craftsmanship. For example, Everlon jewelry found at Sam's Club or J.C. Penney will generally hold a poorer quality diamond and the precious metal weight will be lighter than what you would find at a fine jewelry store's Everlon collection. All Everlon diamond jewelry at Day's is protected by our lifetime warranty and lowest price guarantee.