dsse0081_1The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection offers simple, timeless and elegantdesigns. The Everlon Diamond Knot collection features the Hercules knot, the ancient symbol of strength that represents the unbreakable bond of love. Everlon was created by DeBeers, the world's most significant purveyor of fine diamonds.


dpcl1891_blog201Everlon jewelry is formed by an endless loop, secured at its heart by the strength of a diamond. Like love itself, the diamond will never yield. Its bond is invincible; love inspires and secures us. This collection representsThe Strength of Love Forged in a Knotfashioned in a variety ofrings, necklaces, andearrings.

Why Everlon from Day's Jewelers?

  • Our mountings are heavier making theirquality better
  • Our prices are among the most competitive
  • Over 50 styles available for immediate delivery
  • Day's Jewelers is an AUTHORIZEDEverlon dealer