On May 17th, I had the opportunity to attend an Artinian Gem Show, hosted at our very own Day’s store in Augusta. A few weeks ago I had the chance to speak with David Artinian, the mind behind these gem shows, for a previous blog post (check it out here), and I was very excited to go to one of these shows, to see the reality of all the research I’ve done and the conversations I’ve had with David.

artinian gem
Let me tell you something: pictures of gemstones don’t do justice to the real thing. The sheer number of gemstones that David had on display was breathtaking, and every single one of those stones was cut to glittering perfection by David’s brother-in-law in Thailand.

I lost myself in the beauty of these stones and their unique characteristics; star sapphires with the delicate lines of silky inclusions within the stone creating that gorgeous star shape, unbelievable pieces of glittering opal, rare iolite. Some of the gemstones for sale were ones I’d never heard of, like kunzite, rutilated quartz, and dematoid garnet.

David Artinian

David Artinian in our Augusta store!

The variety of stones captured the attention of many. I mingled with some of the Augusta store employees and customers alike as we perused the contents of the cases. There were pieces of amber with insects embedded deep in the honey-yellow tones of the stone, and fascinating quartz with pyrite. The quartz is cut in such a way that the threads of pyrite within are on full display, creating an interesting strand effect inside the quartz.

artinian gem show custom design

When I had the chance to talk to David, we had a great conversation about the stones and where they were found. Each stone has a unique story, something I observed David sharing with customers as they shopped for the perfect gemstone. And with a sketch artist on site at the store, customers had the opportunity to extend the story of that gemstone into a timeless heirloom.

artinian sketch artist

David told me that the Gem Show was a “good introduction into custom pieces,” work that Day’s has a long history of performing but is not well-known for. Our goldsmiths and jewelry experts come from all different walks of life, but they all share one thing: expertise. The Artinian Gem Show is not only a chance for the public to shop a huge variety of gorgeous gemstones, but it’s also a chance for those customers to have the ultimate piece of jewelry created- something that suits their tastes and desires impeccably. Plus, our goldsmiths will have the chance to put their custom skills to work in creating a magnificent piece of jewelry!

If you attended one of the Artinian Gem Shows hosted by Day’s, be sure to share photos of your custom pieces or preliminary sketches! With the wide range of gorgeous stones available, I’m eager to see what kinds of designs were created.

For more information about David Artinian, browse his website. You can find valuable information about the company and the programs they support, as well as David's own blog.

Until next time,

Amelia Tuttle

Copywriter & E-Commerce Assistant