My first education in the jewelry business came at age 6 when my Dad taught me how to metal engrave. He had made the decision to give away a thank you gift to his best customers. My mission�engrave "Robert's Jewelry, Madawaska, Maine" on 1,000 bean bag ash trays. This Summer, while in Madawaska visiting a friend, low and behold there was one of those ash trays. After 52 years the engraving was still quite visible. There are several reasons why engraving a gift is so important;

  • The true value of a piece of jewelry is not in how much is costs, but in what it means to the person who wears it. Engraving captures that memory with permanent etching commemorating the event for generations.
  • Engraving makes a gift unique and very special.
  • If a piece of jewelry is engraved with a name, at least there's a chance it can be positively identified in case it's lost or stolen.

At every Day's store you'll find highly skilled engravers who utilize the latest in metal engraving technology. Three of our stores employ computerized engraving machines which are also capable of engraving glass, wood and leather. Our metal engraving tools all have diamond tips. Since diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, these tips allow us to engrave deeper into the metal preserving the etching forever.

The next time you purchase a ring, watch or any piece of jewelry, consider having it engraved. The professional engravers at Day's will help you select the right message and the right font style. We can complete the engraving quickly because our stores usually have an engraver on staff 7 days a week.

- By Jeff Corey, Owner and VP Of Marketing for Day's Jewelers