Vintage style white gold diamond engagement ring sits atop a holiday gift box under red ribbon.

Holiday Engagement Silhouette

Got a holiday engagement on your mind? For many people, the holidays are the perfect time for a beautiful, meaningful engagement. With all of your family and close friends nearby, it can be a great time to solidify and celebrate your plans for your future together. Whether you’re looking for the perfect ring to propose with, or you’re trying to drop a subtle hint to your loved one, this guide can be a great starting point in deciding what you like!

While you begin your journey to finding the perfect ring, keep in mind that there are many options and finding the ring you know your partner will love can take time. So, while I hear the chorus of "Holiday engagement?! It's not even Halloween yet!" in the back of my head, I promise, narrowing down your choices now is the best way to ensure an exciting, stress free process.

Though it may seem like it, engagement rings don’t have to be a stressful investment. In fact, buying an engagement ring can be a fun, rewarding experience with little to no stress if you’d like it to be! At Day’s, we have a wide variety of engagement rings to choose from ranging in price so that you don’t have to worry about spending more than you’re comfortable with on a ring you know your partner will love. 

Under $2,000

Flower Diamond Engagement Ring in 14kt White GoldDiamond Solitaire Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in 10kt Rose Gold

Don't let their price tags fool you, these incredible diamond engagement rings sparkle brilliantly, twinkling in the sun and bringing light and love to every day they’re worn. Whether your love story has a special place for flowers, or your partner is interested in a more modern or colorful band, these rings are the perfect choice for your big day!

Under $5,000


Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14kt White Gold (1ct)DeBeers Forevermark Cushion Yellow Diamond Halo Ring in 18kt Yellow and White GoldDiamond Engagement Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold (1ct tw)

If your lover desires all things shining and sparkling, these rings are for them! If colorful diamonds make their heart skip a beat, this DeBeers Forevermark Cushion Yellow Diamond Halo Ring is a perfect choice, but if a more traditional type of glamor is what excites them, we have just what you need in either the white gold solitaire ring or a yellow gold halo style!

Under $10,000

Estate Natural Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring in 18kt White Gold (1 1/4ct tw)Martin Flyer Oval Diamond Halo Engagement Ring in Platinum (1 1/10ct tw)Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14kt Yellow Gold (1ct)

Incredible clarity and enchanting elegance are what define the diamonds in these stunning engagement rings. Present the love of your life with the ring of their dreams with one of these absolutely exquisite options. Allow the enchantment of sparkling diamonds ease some of your nerves about the most exciting moment of your lives!

$15,000 and Up

Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum (2 1/3ct tw)DeBeers Forevermark Exceptional Oval Diamond Ring in Platinum (3 1/2ct tw)Diamond Solitaire Ring in 14kt White Gold (2.19ct)

From the moment they stole your heart, you knew your lover deserved the best. What better to give as a symbol of your love than an engagement ring of unparalleled beauty and quality. These exceptional rings are truly like no other and are sure to become a conversation starter, and a fun way to tell your love story, for years to come! If the sparkle and incredible size of diamonds are the things that make them catch their breath, these rings are the perfect way to begin a magical season of engagement in your lives!


HeartsCongratulations on the first step in the next beautiful chapter of your love story! Picking a ring is a fun, memorable, and exciting experience that you’re sure to carry with you for the rest of your life. Of course, if the rings in this guide aren’t quite the styles you’re looking for, we encourage you to visit our website, or any of our eight store locations, to find the ring you KNOW will be perfect for the person you adore. 

When your big day comes and you pop the question, be sure to send us your stunning engagement photos or tag us on instagram at @daysjewelers! We’d love to feature you on our social media platforms!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Creative Content & Copywriter