aquamarine_trillion_cutAre you a sailor, or do you have a sailor or fisherman in your life? Are you a March baby? Or maybe you just love Aquamarine? If so, this article of "Did You Know" is for you.

About Aquamarine:

Its name comes from the Latin word "aqua marina," meaning seawater.Aquamarine symbolizes the clarityandtransparencyof the ocean waters.

Aquamarine is one of the more popular gemstones around. It is found in many parts of the world including North America, South America, Russia, India, Madagascar and Africa.


Aquamarine has long been associated with its ability to capture the energy of the ocean. When Aquamarineamuletsand pendants were worn by sailors, they believed that unmatched bravery would be instilled in their souls. In some areas, these jewels accompanied their owners while out on the high seas, and in the event of a storm, were tossed overboard to subdue the Greek god Poseidon's anger.

Aquamarine is also considered to be a gemstone that purifies and cleanses the mind with fresh clear thoughts. It brings hope, health, harmony, and happiness. It rekindles friendships, awakens love, and elevates the spirit.

images_(4)Need a Gift:

Aquamarine is the anniversary gemstone for the 18th year of marriage. Commonly known as the March birthstone, Aquamarine is linked to theastrological signs of Pisces and Scorpio.

Aquamarine Care:

The best way to clean Aquamarine jewels is with soapy water.Steam cleanerswork well with these gemstones.On the Mohs scale, Aquamarine is rated at a 7-8 for hardness. Avoid contact with harsh chemicals.

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