Conflict Free Diamonds = Happy Earth!

Earth Day is right around the corner!  At Day’s Jewelers, this means we’re taking the time to let you in on the important things to know about sustainable jewelry and conscious consumerism.  It’s important and exciting stuff, I promise.  

Earth Day! 

To start, we have to get into the tough topics.  It’s important to understand that a huge source of conflict and destruction in countries with high access to diamond mines is the trade of diamonds.  Diamond sales from mines that have been seized by rebel groups in some African countries are used to supply these dangerous groups with weapons of war that cause mass destruction of both communities (and the innocent people that occupy them) and environments.  These diamonds are called Blood Diamonds or Conflict Diamonds because of the deaths and destruction they fund.  Obviously, these diamond sales do not support the communities they come out of and they definitely do not support a happy, healthy Earth.

Here’s the exciting news: you don’t have to support that type of diamond sale!  Blood Diamonds only make up a small percentage of the diamonds that actually come out of these countries.  That means that you, the customer, have the power to decide whether these mines turn any profit.  If the demand for the product is low or nonexistent, these detrimental groups cannot make any money off of the mines they’ve gained control over.  Making sure to put your money towards non-rebel controlled diamond mines when purchasing jewelry will help to give money back to the communities that benefit from it the most within these countries.  The profits from these non-conflict diamond sales fund things like education, health care, and important infrastructure in African countries.  

As of 2003, Jewelers of America, International Diamond Manufacturers Association, and the World Federation of Diamond Bourses have organized a certification process that works hard to control the diamonds that are changing hands and coming into and out of over 60 countries.  This process is called the “Kimberley Process” and effectively bans any country that declines to participate in the certification and oversight process from the international diamond trade.  This has helped to reduce Blood Diamond trade, but illegal trade does still occur, and these diamonds can make their way into jewelry stores without proper certification.  So, when buying diamonds, or jewelry with diamonds in it, hold jewelers accountable for the diamonds they’re selling!  Look for a conflict-free guarantee from the jeweler in order to be sure that the diamonds you’re buying have been certified through the Kimberley Process and don’t fund violent groups and organizations.

At Day’s, we work with multiple organizations to ensure that all of the diamonds we sell to customers are conflict-free.  It is important to us that our customers can trust us to make the right decisions when buying the diamonds we sell to them, not just the cheap or convenient decisions.  We’ve created the Diamonds for Peace program, partnered with the Responsible Jewellery Council, and support the Diamonds Do Good initiative in order to be the best possible worldwide community members in the process of diamond sales.

So, celebrate the Earth this year by practicing conscious consumerism and buying responsibly sourced diamonds.  Happy Earth Day from all of us at Day’s!


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To learn more about diamonds, visit the Day’s Diamond Education Center.


Kyra Jo Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Creative Content and Copywriter