AngelinaFull of charm and cheer, the business of life, and the beauty of the everyday, New York City is the dream of glamor! Recently, our very own South Portland Office Manager, Angelina, took a trip over to the Big Apple for a visit to the city! 

Though she has been to New York on multiple occasions in the past, this visit was special as she was able to spend most of it as a fun, solo trip. As she does on many of her trips, Angelina was able to visit one of Day’s Jewelers largest vendors, M Schamroth & Sons. 

She says, “On my first trip to New York City, I was able to meet up with many different vendors, but I developed a close relationship with Rick at Schamroth and now I visit every time I’m in the city”. This close relationship has become something that Angelina cherishes and she looks forward to her trips to New York as a way to reconnect with an old friend. 


Halloween StatueDia de los Muertos StatueHalloween Statue

This time, her trip was filled with the fun excitement of Halloween, as the city was decked out in it’s finest spooky decor for the holiday! During her visit with Rick, they were able to walk through the city along the Rockefeller Center area of the city, taking in the sights along the way. 


As a fun addition to the day, they were also able to get lunch together at a cute little restaurant in the area! Though many of the smaller restaurants have closed recently due to construction and covid restrictions, new ones like this are popping up all over the city!

After their lunch, Angelina was able to go back up to the Schamroth office and meet up with Rich, who she was glad to see since he had been busier earlier in the day. She says of Schamroth, “So many of our loose and set pieces come from them, so the relationship they have with Day’s is very important, but I have just as important of a personal relationship with them now as well.” Through her trips to the city, Angelina has been able to grow her close, personal relationship with them in a way that is truly indicative of the beautiful way in which jewelry, and the jewelry industry, can bring people together across so many walks of life. 


“For me, I’m so appreciative of this company for allowing me to have these kinds of relationships with people like Schamroth & Sons. Those are such important and special relationships for me, and it’s so nice to have people like that to go visit whenever I’m in the city.”


Day’s Jewelers South Portland Location Office Manager