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This holiday season, you may be thinking of purchasing diamonds for a loved one. Diamonds are a meaningful, sentimental gift that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age or walk of life. With the Day’s Jewelers diamond stud upgrade program, a beautiful pair of diamond earrings can become the annual gift that keeps on giving!

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When you buy a pair of stud diamond earrings at Day’s Jewelers, the earrings are automatically enrolled in our diamond earring upgrade program. This means that even if you already own a pair of Day’s diamond earrings and you were unaware of the program when you purchased or received the earrings, your earrings are still eligible for participation!

The program works so that at any point, you can take your existing diamond earring studs and bring them to any one of our Day’s locations for a trade-in! In order to qualify for the trade-in, the new earrings must be worth a value that is at least 50% higher than your original purchase. So, if the first pair of diamond studs were purchased for $500, the new earrings must be valued at $750 or above. Then, you will trade your original pair in for the new pair, paying only the difference! This would make the out of pocket cost of the new earrings in this instance only $250! Don’t worry if you don’t know the exact original cost, as long as you know the name and phone number of the person who originally purchased them, your Day’s Jewelers store associate can look up the history of the earrings.

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During the holiday season, the diamond earring upgrade program is a fantastic way to give your loved ones a gift that can become a beautiful, sparkling tradition! It can also be a great way to bring dazzling self care into your own life and a way to reward yourself for hard work and dedication to the life you love! Our diamond buyer at Day’s Jewelers, Amy Corey says, “When I started at Day’s 16 years ago, diamond studs were my first purchase and I have been upgrading my studs since.” Because there is no minimum or maximum requirement for the amount of time you have to own your original pair of earrings before upgrading, you truly have the power to make the decision to upgrade at any time! Whether you choose to upgrade each holiday season for your loved ones, or on special occasions for yourself like a raise or promotion, the birth of a child, or your college graduation! 

Reward yourself, or spoil a loved one this holiday season with Day’s Diamond Upgrade Program!