Three Engagement Ring Styles You Must Consider

You’ve finally done it: found the partner of a lifetime, the one you’re ready to spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes you know instantly, sometimes it takes a while. No matter which camp you land in, you deserve the perfect engagement ring to commemorate this momentous occasion. But with dozens of styles to choose from, where do you or your partner even begin looking? 

Let’s take a sneak peek into three tremendously popular engagement ring styles before you begin your search, and learn a little about each style.



You know the solitaire ring. Even if you aren’t super knowledgeable about jewelry, a solitaire ring has definitely crossed your path. As the reigning champ of engagement ring styles, solitaires have yet to go out of style. 

These classic rings have roots way back in Ancient Rome, where diamonds set in plain gold bands were popular items of jewelry. The ring style enjoyed a moderate level of popularity until the 1940s, when Frances Gerety coined the infamous A Diamond is Forever advertising campaign for industry giants De Beers. Ever since that moment in 1947, the popularity of solitaire engagement rings skyrocketed, effectively securing their place as the world’s most popular engagement ring style.

Today, the solitaire’s silhouette ranges from simple to extravagant, from a dainty center stone to something extraordinary. Designers play with the idea of the solitaire, creating unique, eye-catching rings with detailed bands in pretty rosy golds, or sleek, modern takes on the engagement ring staple. The appealing design makes solitaires effortlessly wearable by anyone, no matter what your taste or style is.


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The halo style of engagement ring is a fairly new style within the jewelry industry. Hailing from the clean, geometric lines of the art deco movement in the 1920s, halo-style rings have evolved to encompass all manners of styles, shapes, and colors. Today, there are three main styles of halo rings: cushion, floating, and double.

A cushion halo combines a cushion-cut center stone with a sparkling halo that enhances the shape of the center diamond. A cushion halo makes the center stone appear bigger than it actually is, because of the complementary nature of the cushion-cut and the halo.


A floating halo is arguably the most exquisite of the halo-style settings. Instead of being flush to the center stone, a floating halo’s center stone is set above the halo, making the center stone appear as if it is “floating” above the other diamonds. 


The double halo is definitely the most luxurious of all the halo styles. Instead of one simple circle of diamonds around a center stone, the double halo does just what it says: doubles it. Instead of one halo, there are two. 


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For those who love vintage styling, a rose-cut engagement ring is perfect. The cut is inspired by the shape of a rosebud, with a domed top, flat base, and distinct triangle facets along the top. Its modern counterpart - the brilliant cut - is mega sparkly and commonly found in plenty of jewelry stores.


A brilliant-cut diamond versus a rose-cut

The rose-cut, on the other hand, has more of a luminous, subtle glow, than fiery sparkly. These unique diamonds originate in the early 1500s, when diamond cutting technology was not nearly as sophisticated as modern times. By the 1900s, rose-cut diamonds largely fell out of popularity, as diamond cutting techniques expanded.

However, the antique style of the rose cut holds a certain charm and sophistication, especially for those who look for something unique and different in their engagement ring. A rose cut is also an excellent choice for someone who prefers a diamond that sits closely on the finger, or someone who wants a large diamond without the large price tag.


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What engagement ring style do you like best?


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