Spring has sprung in New England, and we at Day’s are thrilled to see that green grass and blooming buds. Soon enough, we’ll be hosting barbecues, twirling sparklers, and munching on fresh produce from our gardens. I think I can confidently speak for all of us New Englanders when I say: bring on spring!

With the start of a new season comes new trends in all kinds of categories: food, fashion, shoes, handbags. 2019 has some great jewelry trends popping up in haute couture, and at Day’s, we’re excited to share those trends with you while keeping wearability in mind.


Chunky chains can seem intimidating, but a finely crafted gold chain necklace creates a bold statement that can be paired with any outfit, no kidding! The complexity of chain necklaces can range from a simple, single strand to ornate artistic pieces.
saturn chain choker spear lariat chain necklacefiligree scroll chainestate braided herringbone  

In Bloom

Spring wouldn’t be the same without blooming blossoms, real or captured in jewelry. Floral jewelry makes an ideal accessory because of the variety of materials, colors, and glitter that can be incorporated into a piece, literally making this trend suitable for all tastes.

sapphire and diamond floral earringsle vian citrine flower necklace
ruby floral ring

Diamonds and Pearls

Pearls, that is. Pearl jewelry is a huge trend for 2019, but with a twist. No simple strands of pearls will do, no; this trend celebrates the unusual and avante-garde combinations of pearls and gold or silver.

vintage pearl ringblack pearl earringsmastoloni pearl necklace
With these fun and unique 2019 spring jewelry trends, any day is the right day to play with your look! I hope you find some exciting pieces to add to your jewelry box!
Until next time,
Amelia Tuttle
Copywriter & E-Commerce Assistant