2020 is a year of change. We’re beginning a brand new decade as well as a new year, so what better time is there to make those changes to your life that you’ve wanted to? Accompanying you through whatever shifts you decide to make in your life is Pantone’s Color of the Year: Classic Blue. There’s a comfort to Classic Blue, a reliability and wearability as you navigate the changes that 2020 has to bring for you. In a way, it’s a color of throwback, with roots in classic, complementary palettes that are subdued, but still beautiful.

Classic Blue

Sophisticated Classic Blue is a glamorous color to find in the world of jewelry. Invoking thoughts of elegant sapphires, twinkling blue topaz, and stunning blue diamonds, Classic Blue is an easy color to find and pair with your life, whether you’re in the office, spending a weekend exploring, or having the time of your life.
JERBT0661 JPDBT0779 RBTD1176

Topaz is an elegant gemstone that comes in a variety of colors. Blue topaz can be found in stunning shades that perfectly match Classic Blue, creating accessories that are on trend for 2020 but will remain jewelry box staples for years to come.

RSHD2990 JBSH0437 JERSH1061 
Of course, when blue is on the table, sapphires are sure to steal the show. Like topaz, sapphires are available in a variety of colors, but blue is the most popular sapphire shade. Sultry, elegant, and invoking thoughts of royalty, Classic Blue sapphires are an excellent way to bring Pantone’s Color of the Year to your jewelry collection.
DSTQF0413 DSFE0452 DSSEF0032
Thinking about getting engaged in 2020? Spin the classic diamond engagement ring with a Classic Blue diamond. Trace amounts of boron in the structure of a diamond gives the gem a blue tint, creating a uniquely-colored diamond that looks just as charming as a traditional white diamond.
NGCER1100 WMOG0389 NGERS4170 
WBTL0084 NSYPS0527 WREL0077 

Classic Blue isn’t just limited to fine gemstones. Pantone’s Color of the Year can be found in many classic pieces, all available at Day’s Jewelers. The beauty of 2020’s Color of the Year is Classic Blue’s versatility; from elegant to casual, this is a color you’ll happily wear year after year. Explore our curated collection of Classic Blue pieces and find the perfect accessory to wear throughout 2020.

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