It was our 23rd Christmas together and Jeff surprised me with the best "wow" gift he could have ever given me. It was an impressive pair of diamond earringsset in a simple platinum mounting. Other than my diamond engagement ring, my diamond earrings are my absolute favorite piece of jewelry. Whether I'm off to the grocery store or a board room meeting, my diamond earrings work into every facet of my life. It's the first piece that comes out of my jewelry box, after dressing every morning.

With Day's Diamond Earring Trade-Up Plan, you can trade in the pair you purchased last year or even last month toward another pair valued at only 25% more. And you get EVERY dollar back! When my two daughters were old enough to really love and appreciate fine jewelry, the first thing they wanted was a pair of diamond earrings. Every Christmas they look forward to the upgrade, because we continue to trade last year's pair for more size and more sparkle. Without a doubt, it's their favorite gift under the tree and like their Mom; it's their favorite piece of jewelry. This Christmas, rather than purchasing stuff that goes out of style, spend your money on a quality gift that is meaningful. Diamond earrings will endure forever and bring pleasure for a lifetime.

Written by Kathy Corey, Owner and VP of Merchandising and Personnel of Day's Jewelers.