March 17th, also known as St. Patrick's Day, is acultural and religious holiday celebrating the Feast Day of Saint Patrick, acommemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. St Patty's Dayis celebrated by attending parades, wearing green, dancing to Gaelic folk music, and feasting on Ireland's traditional corned beef and cabbage.

ngers3755_1_1At Day's Jewelers, St. Patrick's Day is not only about leprechauns and drinkinggreen beer. we have a large collection of Celtic jewelry for your Irishlove. Claddagh rings are by far one of the most popular pieces of Celticjewelry. The Claddagh ring represents love, loyalty, and friendship.The interlocking hands represent friendship, the heart represents loveand the crown represents loyalty. The sentimental motto behind givingthis ring says, "This is my heart which I give to you crowned with mylove." Claddagh rings are traditionally passed down from mother todaughter or grandmother to granddaughter. They can also used asengagement or wedding rings.

rclad0069_1Did you know that there are four ways to wear a Claddagh ring that would tellthe wearers relationship status? Wearing the Claddagh on your right handwith the point of the heart facing your fingertips means you are single and maybe looking for love. On the right hand, point of the heart facing towardsyour wrist symbolizes you are in a relationship. This suggests that thewearer's heart "has been captured". The ring on the wearersleft hand with the point of the heart facing towards the fingertips symbolizesyou are engaged. Wearing the ring on your left hand with the point of theheart towards your wrist means you are married.

ngcrs0164_1_1Day's Jewelers has Claddagh rings in sterling silver starting at $45 as well asthe traditional lucky gold Claddagh ring. We have goldsmiths at eachlocation that can personalize your Claddagh by adding a lucky green emerald ordiamond into the heart and engrave the initials of your love and date of yourspecial day. Along with Claddagh rings we carry Claddagh and Celticearrings, necklaces and bracelets. Day's Jewelers is an exclusive jewelerto carry a collection, Keith Jack which specializes in Celtic designs inspiredby life's special occasions.

Enjoy the Irish beer and whiskey, pass on a Claddagh ring, and start a lovingtradition -- Don't forget to wear your lucky green.


Happy St Patty's Day!Slainte!