This is the time of year when the snowbound escape to the warm Caribbean. It's also the time of year when customers come into our stores with their new jewelry, purchased on a West Indies island, and they want to know "was it a good deal."The answer? Sometimes yes, sometimes no.


To make a wise jewelry purchase away from home, two elements are essential; quality assessment and you've got to love negotiating.

First assess the quality of the mounting. The most common problem customers encounter with jewelry purchased on the islands are stones falling out. This is caused from prongs being too thin or from porosity in the gold. Porosity is a phenomenon where air bubbles are trapped in the gold during the casting process. Since porosity is hidden and difficult to detect, your best bet is to avoid rings with many stones and stick to bezel or channel settings.


The safest jewelry purchase on the islands is a pendant because it is least subject to damage from wear. You should avoid bracelets because if porosity is hidden in one of the links, it will inevitably break and you'll lose the bracelet.

Once you're comfortable with the quality, then the fun of negotiation begins. Never look too anxious to make the purchase and never pay full price. A general rule of thumb is to pay 50% of the asking price.

I've seen some great deals on jewelry purchased in the Caribbean. I've also experienced some very frustrated customers whose jewelry has fallen apart and they have no place to turn. If you're considering the purchase of a piece of jewelry in the Caribbean, your best assurance of a good deal is to bring me with you!

~Jeff Corey, Owner


Day's Jewelers was founded in 1914 by Captain Harry Davidson, whose ill health forced him to abandon a life at sea. The first Day's was a small pawn shop/auction center located in the Old Port of Portland Maine.

Today, Day's operates six stores throughout New England, maintaining the exceptional customer service, fine quality, and low prices that have been the reason for Day's success for almost 100 years.

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