Zodiac Stones vs. Modern Birthstones: What's the Difference?

I’m sure you’ve all heard of birthstones.  They’re fun, unique, and a great way to represent your birth month.  Many of you may even have birthstone jewelry already!  I’m sure, also, that you’ve heard at least a little bit about zodiac signs.  Who doesn’t enjoy looking through their weekly horoscope, making star charts with their partners to map your compatibility, or remembering friends’ birthdays based just on their sign?  I’m sure it’s not just me!  Zodiac signs are fun and popular, so it would be tough not to hear pieces of information about them.  What you may not have heard nearly as much about, however, are zodiac stones.  Until recently, I hadn’t either!  

Mixed Gems

Zodiac stones are the stones that have historically represented each zodiac sign, much like birth month stones, but a bit more specific.  In recent years, the number of gemstones for each sign has grown to quite a few and can change depending on who you ask.  However, the most commonly associated original zodiac stones are:


Aquarius- Garnet

Pisces- Amethyst

Aries- Bloodstone

Taurus- Sapphire

Gemini- Agate

Cancer- Emerald

Leo- Onyx

Virgo- Carnelian

Libra- Chrysolite/Peridot

Scorpio- Aquamarine

Sagittarius- Topaz

Capricorn- Ruby


These stones are specific to the zodiac dates they represent and are seen in history and in mythology as precious and carefully selected for the sign they best connect with.  Dividing gemstones into calendar months, zodiac sign dates, and other astronomy related time is very common throughout history.  These specific stones are associated with zodiac astrology which has its roots in Babylonian astronomy.  However, it is important to note that this is just one of many societies and cultures that has held beliefs that were tied to precious gems.  Others include the Christian foundation stones, Indian precious gemstones, and Greek mythological gemstones.

While modern birthstones represent your birth month, the zodiac stones are meant to bring out and reflect the best strengths of your personality based on your signs characteristics.  The more modern zodiac stones stray a bit from the originals since they can include quite a few stones, allowing the individual to choose from an array of options in order to find the stone that fits them best. 

The most important part of choosing a zodiac stone for yourself from your zodiac gemstone options is making sure that whichever one you choose is the one you feel most grounded by and gravitated towards.  The point of the zodiac stones is that they bring out your best and make you feel your best, so don’t force something that doesn’t feel right for you!  Each zodiac sign is unique, but individual people that fall under the umbrella zodiac sign won’t all share exactly the same characteristics!  Zodiac sun signs hold general character traits, but these will present differently in each person depending on a variety of other factors.  This means that, of course, your gemstone preference and connection will vary person to person, which is why it’s fun and exciting that there are more than one option for each sign!  Don’t be discouraged if you don’t feel connected to the original gemstone for your sign, everyone is different and these stones are very specific.

At the change of each zodiac, I’ll be highlighting the zodiac gemstone and offering some of the modern alternatives to the originals, so come back to the blog soon to find out the history and information related to your stones!  In the meantime, Day’s has numerous beautiful gemstone pieces that feature many of the original zodiac stones.

Agate, GeminiTopaz, SagittariusAmethyst, Pisces


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