Pile of rough Maine Tourmaline stones

Get excited, October babies; It’s your birthday month! While you beautiful souls have been getting prepared for a shower of birthday love and fun, I’ve been discovering just how exciting having an October birthday is. Not only do you have the absolutely exquisite opal as your birthstone, but you also get a bonus birthstone: Maine’s beautiful state mineral, the tourmaline! Both of these gems have rich histories that give them character and add to their enchanting beauty.

Round Opal Stone

The enchanting nature of opal’s colors have been a topic of great curiosity throughout history. It’s iridescent hue creates a change of colors in each new light, giving it a mystical and intriguing look that easily invites supernatural legends. Throughout history, the opal has been associated with hope and protection, though its origin story varies between cultures.

The Butterfly Stone

One of the most incredible and colorful opals ever mined is called the “Butterfly Stone”. Reportedly, the stone weighs approximately 51 carats and resembles the British Red Admiral butterfly. This colorful opal was found during World War I on the ‘Phone Line’ field, giving it an intriguing history of its own. We can only guess what stunned reactions this stone elicited during one of the most historic and consequential wars in the world.

Most recently, the stone was purchased by Percy Marks & Co. and is believed to exist as the necklace pendant shown here. 

Though we would be delighted to own a gem as exquisite as the Butterfly Stone, we, of course, can’t offer you the exact stone. However, we have a collection of incredible opals that span a range of color palettes and sizes, including the exquisite Australian Opals.


Australian Boulder Opal Ring in Sterling SilverAustralian Opal Doublet Butterfly Necklace in 14kt Yellow GoldLe Vian Neopolitan Opal Ring in Strawberry Gold with Chocolate and Vanilla Diamonds

If your birthday is in October and you hold a special place in your heart for Maine, you’re in luck! Tourmaline, the Maine state mineral, is the second exquisite birthstone of October.  With historical roots dating back to the 1500s, tourmaline is a gemstone that represents so much more than just the beauty it outwardly shows.

Cut Maine Watermelon Tourmaline

Like opals, tourmaline’s incredible color is one of its most fascinating qualities. Varying in shades from bright, raspberry pink, to pink and green watermelon gradient, all the way to a brilliant, solid green, this gemstone is one of the many that has been mistaken for emeralds. 

Jolly Green Giant Tourmaline Stone

One of its earliest recorded discoveries in Brazil was found by a Spanish conquistador who saw its deep green color and assumed he had found an emerald. Until the 1800s, it was assumed that he was correct in his identification of the stone and went unquestioned! 

Perhaps the most impressive example of Maine Tourmaline ever discovered is the “Jolly Green Giant” crystal. This 10-inch, green Tourmaline piece was found at Dunton Mine in Newry, Maine in 1972. If you are up for a drive, you can visit this gem at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. as part of their expansive mineral collection!

Whether pink and green watermelon tourmaline is your style, or you’d prefer a more solid color, we have a wide range of Maine Tourmaline options for you to choose from, both on our website, and in stores!

(Photo Above Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution)

Pink and Green Tourmaline Bezel Necklace in 18kt Yellow Gold with DiamondsMaine Pink Tourmaline Ring in 14kt Rose GoldMaine Bicolor Tourmaline Necklace in 14kt Yellow Gold

Choose from an extensive array of our opal and tourmaline pieces to wear your October birthday pride every day you’d like to! Happy birthday, October babies!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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