July's Royal Ruby

Rubies are dazzling, royal, and, luckily for all of the July babies out there, the July birthstone! For many people, their very favorite pieces of jewelry, and the ones they can’t live without, are their ruby pieces. Rubies are elegant and tend to be easily matched with diamonds, making them a wonderful choice for jewelry that dresses up your look with sparkle and glamor! Since rubies are such a rich colored stone, they work extremely well as a statement piece, but the versatility of the stone makes it so that they can also pair beautifully, in more simple designs, with laid back outfits like jeans and a simple blouse! 

Ruby: Rough to PolishedThe Queen's Baring Necklace

Throughout history, rubies have been praised and sought after for their intense color and the belief that they represent wealth, success, and power. Much like emeralds and sapphires, two other stones known for their intense, bright color, rubies are connected with royalty. For the kings and queens of history, the more color the better! In fact, rubies are so adored by royalty that Queen Elizabeth II has multiple notable ruby-adorned pieces of jewelry of her own. Perhaps the most notable, though, is the incredible ruby necklace that she’s owned since the 1960s: The Baring Necklace. 

Acquired by the Queen herself in 1964, the necklace quickly became a favorite of hers. With a stunning array of diamonds encircling each beautiful ruby, how could she not fall in love with the sparkle and glamor of the necklace? I sure would have! On many occasions, the necklace has been paired with Queen Elizabeth II’s Burmese ruby tiara and matching Burmese ruby drop earrings. 

Historically, Burmese rubies have been thought to protect the wearer from evil, making them a perfect choice for royalty in hopes that they retain the wisdom, health, and sanity to protect and care for their kingdoms. They can also help to protect royals from the negative auras of other rulers that they may consider evil or working against their kingdom.

The Queen's Rubies

Though Queen Elizabeth II’s most famous ruby necklace is The Baring Necklace, she has many other beloved ruby pieces that she wears frequently. One such piece is a longer, simpler ruby necklace that she wore most notably to her dinner with former U.S. President Donald Trump. Worn with her stunning ruby tiara and dazzling ruby earrings, her royal look was rooted in the representation of power and wisdom.

Queen Elizabeth II was not the only royal in the family to find a love of rubies, however, as the Queen Mother had a vast collection of the gemstone incorporated into her jewelry collection. Countless ruby pieces were passed onto her daughter, the Queen, including the crown rubies, passed down in 2002, which she now wears beautifully each time she chooses them.

So, July babies, Ruby is ROYAL. Bask in the radiance of your birthstone this month, and channel your inner queen with any of the powerful ruby gemstone jewelry in the Day’s collections. Whether you choose a piece as elegant and intricate as Queen Elizabeth II's royal Baring Necklace, or something a bit more simple and delicate, we truly cannot wait to assist you in finding your perfect look!





Ruby Oval Hoop Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold with Diamonds Ruby Bezel Necklace in 10kt Yellow GoldRuby Ring in 14kt White Gold with Diamonds

Rock your royal rubies, July babies, and have a fantastic birthday!


Kyra Zabel

Day's Jewelers Content & Copywriter