purple amethyst and diamond tiara

Amethyst is often called a royal jewel for good reason. This beautiful gemstone doesn’t just appear in rich tones of violet; it’s a favorite among several royal families as well. In this month’s blog post about famous gemstones, we’ll be exploring February’s birthstone, amethyst, on the gorgeous Napoleonic amethyst tiara.

swedish amethyst tiara worn by crown princess victoria

The tiara is part of an amethyst parure- a set of jewels intended to be worn together- and actually didn’t start as a tiara. It was originally a very heavy necklace that was altered into a tiara by Queen Silvia of Sweden. The amethyst stones and diamonds were set on a French Regency-style tiara, giving it the unique halo look. The parure also includes a set of bracelets that can be linked together into a necklace, pendant drop earrings, a brooch, and a corsage ornament, with the tiara as the latest addition.

swedish amethyst tiara worn by queen silvia

Sweden’s amethyst tiara has remained a treasure of the royal family. The tiara has been worn by many members of the Swedish royal family, but is now almost exclusively worn by Queen Silvia and Crown Princess Victoria. The exquisite amethyst stones are set in yellow gold, while the glittering diamonds are set in white gold. 



The rich, violet tones of amethyst have long been associated with royalty. If you’re feeling royal yourself, shop Day’s collection of February’s delightful birthstone.


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