Famous June Birthstone: Heidi Klum's Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Happy June!  Summer is just around the corner which means the days are getting longer and it’s time for the June birthstone spotlight! June has a couple of birthstones associated with it but my personal favorite is the stunning alexandrite stone.  Alexandrite is unique because of its incredible color changing properties.  Often called a chameleon gemstone, alexandrite can appear green-blue in natural light and red-pink-purple in artificial light, creating a dramatic color change.  Depending on the stone, the undertones will vary with intensity and color, but the color shift will remain beautiful and intriguing. 

Coincidentally, alexandrite must be Heidi Klum and her guitarist husband, Tom Kaulitz’s favorite stone, too, since Kaulkitz presented Klum with a beautiful alexandrite engagement ring in December of 2018. Surrounded in a halo of smaller diamonds and positioned between two large, round diamonds, the alexandrite’s strong green tones are brought out beautifully by the sparkle and shine of the diamonds.  In the sun, however, the ring shows its intriguing red undertones, getting redder with more sunlight and greener with less.

Heidi Klum

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Reportedly, Kaulitz designed the ring himself, drawing out the design he had in mind and then seeking out the stones that he wanted to fill it with.  This is such a unique and personal touch!  Designing your significant other’s engagement ring shows a sweet sense of excitement and initiative so that your partner knows how much you care. If you’re interested in doing this, whether you use an alexandrite stone for a significant other who loves all things enchanting or is born in June, or a different stone, the design team at Day’s Jewelers would be happy to help at any one of our Custom Design Events coming up this summer!  If you haven't read the blog detailing what to expect at these events, be sure to check it out!

Heidi Klum Engagement

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Though Klum’s gemstone was almost certainly a natural alexandrite stone, there is also the option of created alexandrite.  Due to its extreme rarity, natural alexandrite is incredibly expensive and sometimes difficult to find.  Created alexandrite, a lab-structured stone, makes this search a bit easier and offers a cheaper alternative with a quality that is just as high as its natural counterpart.  Created alexandrite is structurally and functionally identical to natural alexandrite and only differs in its source, making it truly a great option.  You don’t need to sacrifice quality for a lower price, in this case, because the stones will have the exact same chemical properties as the natural thing!

Because of its unique qualities and stunning colors, alexandrite is a wonderful choice for nearly any type of jewelry. From rings to necklace pendants to earrings and pins, alexandrite is universally beautiful and compliments any style.  At Day’s jewelers, we have dozens of created alexandrite pieces to offer that we’d love to help you discover!  Please feel free to contact any one of our store locations with any questions you may have!  In the meantime, here are some fun, colorful created alexandrite pieces to get you started on your search for the perfect piece!

Alexandrite RingAlexandrite earrings Alexandrite Necklace

Happy Birthday, June babies! 


Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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