Celebrate March Birthdays with Two Great Birthstones: Aquamarine and Chalcedony

Spring is beginning to appear, folks. The snow is retreating, green grass is starting to show, and delicate plant shoots are starting to poke out of the ground. There’s still a chill in the air, but there’s also a breath of fresh spring air. The perfect complement to the season is sparkling aquamarine. But if aquamarine doesn’t spark your interest, March has another birthstone: bloodstone!

Bloodstone Makes a Second Appearance

If you keep up with our weekly blogs, you’ve probably read our February birthstone blog. Bloodstone is also the mystical, alternative birthstone for February, and in our February birthstone blog, we covered the opaque version of bloodstone: jasper. 

Heliotrope, known by its common name “bloodstone,” is a mixture of quartz with a fine crystal structure that reduces that quartz sparkle. Heliotrope commonly takes two different forms; as opaque jasper or translucent chalcedony. Chalcedony usually appears in pale green or blue shades; the most common color is a pale, minty green.

NGCER0980 NGMSS1183 

Chalcedony is believed to promote inner calmness and align the mind, body, and spirit. Chalcedony is also said to promote a nurturing spirit and sense of maternal instinct. The pale green color of chalcedony is a nice compliment to any skin tone and it’s an elegant choice for a variety of jewelry. 

Cool Blue Aquamarine for March Babies

Sailors once believed that aquamarine was the stone of mermaids, and would keep them safe on a voyage. Sailors may not believe in mermaids anymore, but aquamarine is still a beautiful stone. Aquamarine and emerald are in the same mineral family of beryl. The blue of aquamarine comes from trace amounts of iron in the beryl, and the intensity of the color depends on the amount of iron.

RAQD0506 RAQD0353 RAQD0548 

Aquamarine ranges from a very pale blue-gray color to a nice, rich blue hue. The sometimes subtle color of aquamarine makes it a nice alternative to white diamonds, as well as a charming complement. The gemstone is usually set in white gold, allowing the blue color to pop, and creating a piece of jewelry that will go with anything.

JERAQ0282 JPDAQ0364 JBAQ0016 

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You can learn more about aquamarine here, or bloodstone here.

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