The birthstone of March is dazzling. With its greenish-blue tones, aquamarine certainly captures the beauty of the sea after which it is named. There is a rich history of myth and tradition that comes with this alluring gemstone. Legend tells of King Neptune’s gifts of aquamarine to the mermaids. It is said to give a feeling of love to all who wear it and was even believed to be able to re-awaken love between two people. Trust, harmony, sympathy, friendship, and safe sailing have all been accredited to this serenely colored stone.

Item #RAQD0469


But aquamarine is more than just tales of the past, it also makes the perfect compliment to today’s winter or summer styles. The cooling color makes it a marvelous option for cold snowy days or for a refreshing day at the beach. It’s the perfect choice for daily wear. You’ll find yourself reaching for this versatile beauty all the time!

Item #JPDAQ0266

Item #JPDAQ0266

Oh... and if you put aquamarine together with our LeVian chocolate and vanilla diamonds.... oh my! What a perfect match. These will be something you hold onto forever.

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Try adding some aquamarine into your collection today. You won’t regret it!


Lauren Flanagan

Lauren Flanagan
Marketing Assistant