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  1. May Birthstone Alternatives: Agate and Aveturine

    In these uncertain times, one that remains steady: May’s stunning birthstone. Emeralds have long been symbolic of the month of May, representing the lush green of new life in a romantic and stunning way. But did you know there are plenty of birthstone alternatives if you’re looking to shake up your normal routine? Take a walk on the wild side and represent your birth month with two outstanding alternates: agate and aventurine. Agate Agate is a fun mineral tha ...
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  2. April's Birthstones: Diamond Alternatives

    April's Birthstones: Diamond Alternatives
    Perhaps the most well-known of all the modern birthstones is April’s: diamonds. Diamonds are prevalent in the jewelry industry due to their brilliance, beauty, and lasting impression. But their popularity can often lead to a perception of unaffordability due to how rare the gemstones are. The alternate birthstones for April are coincidentally two of the most popular diamond alternative gemstones: white topaz and quartz. Both topaz and quartz develop in a variety of colors. Diamonds are known for their “fancy” colors, as well, but the availability of topaz and quartz in a near-rainbow of colors makes them both fantastic, price-conscious alternatives to diamond. ...
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  3. Warm Up February with Two Great Birthstones: Amethyst and Jasper

    Warm Up February with Two Great Birthstones: Amethyst and Jasper
    As February sweeps in, we here in New England are firmly buried under a blanket of snow. The days are cold and the nights are still long, but February’s birthstones offer a warm spark at the heart of winter’s dreariness. If you’re shopping for a February birthstone gift this month, you’ve got a couple of great options. Let’s explore two stunning birthstone options for February birthdays: amethyst and jasper. Go Traditional with Amethyst Amethyst is a variety of quartz that grows in violet hues due to irradiation or impurities in iron. Shades can range from very light, pinkish-purple shades to deep violet tones, and can feature sparkles of red and blue, depending on the trace elements and precision of the stone’s cut. Amethyst is one of the rare gemstones that only comes in sh ...
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  4. Celebrate Your October Birthday with Stunning Opals

    Is there a gemstone as enchanting as an opal? You’d be hard pressed to find one! Opals have a magical quality called opalescence, giving them a shimmery, rainbow-like appearance when turned in a beam of light. This play-of-color is part of what makes opals so valuable and sought-after, and the color combinations within an opal are endless. Some stones are primarily white with a rainbow play-of-color across the surface; some are gray with blue and green sparkles, some red with fiery sparks of yellow and orange. The color options are endless and unique. It’s this rainbow of possibilities that make opals so enchanting; every color combination that can be imagined can be found across the spectrum of opals, making this October birthstone a special one indeed.Opal jewelry comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes, as well. Doublets and triplets are commonly seen in a variety of jewelry. Dou ...
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  5. Sapphires: the Rainbow Birthstone of September

    When one thinks of royalty, one thinks of sapphires. These magnificent blue gems have long been a favorite of royals and even steals the show in Princess Diana’s engagement ring. But the beautiful rich blues that are most commonly associated with sapphires aren’t the only shade these gems come in. Sapphires are available in a rainbow of colors- pinks, reds, oranges, yellows, greens, the ever-popular blues, and purples, and each color comes in various hues and tones. The range of sapphire colors means there’s a sha ...
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  6. Summer Fun August Birthstones: Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel

    August is here, and with it comes a true blast of summer weather. For those of you who dread winter, this is the season to shine! Gardens are blooming with fresh produce, the beach calls, and cookouts are in high demand, and Day’s has the perfect accessory for all your summer activities. Peridot is the official birthstone for August, and its bright olive-green shades are great for capturing the essence of summer. Peridot belongs to the olivine family, and forms within the Earth’s mantle. Lava flow brings the gems to the surface, where they can be mined. Peridots can also be found in meteorites! ...
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  7. Find Out What Day's Jewelers is Doing with 3700 carats of Maine Tourmaline!

    In February of 2019, Day’s Jewelers acquired nearly 3,700 carats of the last remaining mined Maine tourmaline from the Western Hills of Maine. The 3,700 carats are made up of both rough and polished gems – ranging in color from green, pink, bicolor, and amongst the rarest, indicolite tourmaline, which is a captivating deep blue. The investment was significant, but with the future of Maine tourmaline an uncertain one, Day’s jumped at the chance to ensure our customers will be able to purchase beautiful Maine tourmaline jewelry for generations to come. View a video of the purchase here! Some of the cut tourmaline selection ...
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  8. Pearls: June's Magnificent Birthstone

    I have a special soft spot for June’s birthstone, not only because pearls are my birthstone, but because they’re some of the coolest gemstones in the industry! Pearls are the only gemstones to be formed by a living creature in a process that can take years in the wild. Without human interference, pearls develop when a tiny irritant- a grain of sand, a shard of pebble- enters the inside of an oyster. That irritant stimulates the pearl to protect its soft flesh by covering the grain of sand with a layer of nacre, a milky-white fluid that hardens over time. The oyster continuously covers that grain of sand with nacre, growing a precious pearl over months and years. The end result is a gorgeous, luminous little gemstone that’s pried out of an oyster and made suitable for jewelry. The process behind growing pearls has been mastered by human beings. Pearl farmers use a tiny bead, most often a mother-of-pearl shard or something simil ...
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  9. Emerald: The Birthstone of May

    Here in northern New England, from which Day’s Jewelers is based, the spring moves in slowly. For the first month, it’s not surprising to see snow on a regular basis. Like clockwork, the snow gives way to rain, and almost overnight, the grass begins to grow deep shades of green, and life springs up all over the place. By the start of May, it’s like an enormous emerald blanket has been shaken out and settled down onto the earth. It’s lovely. No wonder then, that the birthstone of May shares in the beauty. This month’s birthstone is the color of that new spring life – Emerald. Emerald has as rich and ...
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  10. Diamonds: The Fabulous Birthstone of April

    Oh, April...You bring us so many wonderful things, not the least of which is that birthstone of yours! Diamonds. Yes, if you’re lucky enough to be born in the month of April, you can use the opportunity to do something a little extra special. Celebrate. Splurge. Add some shine to your month, because you are fortunate enough to enjoy diamonds as your birthstone. ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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