Four Great Non-Jewelry Gift Ideas

Jewelry makes a great gift, but for one reason or another, you want to surprise a special someone with something a little different. Maybe jewelry has been your go-to gift for the past several occasions, or you’re trying to surprise someone you don’t know very well, or you’re participating in an office gift exchange. Maybe jewelry isn’t on your spouse’s wish list this year.

Whatever the reason, if you’re feeling stumped with ideas for great gifts besides jewelry, look no further! Day’s Jewelers may be known for outstanding jewelry and services, but we also have a fine selection of alternative gifts that will leave the gift’s receiver delighted. Check out a few of the gift ideas that are readily available at Day’s.

Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes make a great gift because they’re beautiful as well as functional. If you’ve given jewelry as a gift for several years, having the right-sized jewelry box to store all those beautiful accessories not only allows for neat storage; it also protects that jewelry. A jewelry box also makes a cute gift for a granddaughter, something special for her to keep her special jewels in.

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Office Accessories

An elegant letter opener or a sharp-looking card case adds a great, sophisticated touch to any office setting, giving your gift receiver a sense of old-fashioned professionalism. Great for new graduates entering the workforce or long-time professionals.

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Picture Frames

For the office, home, or anywhere in between, elegant picture frames are a fabulous gift for all kinds of people. For new babies, wedding celebrations, or any occasion, these frames can be given alone, or a meaningful picture added for a personalized gift.

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Swarovski Figures 

You can’t go wrong with sparkle. Swarovski has a great selection of whimsical figurines, all carefully crafted from delicate crystal. From Disney characters to the Swarovski Kris Bear collections to figurines depicting nature, Swarovski has something for everyone.

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If these gift ideas don’t inspire, browse our entire collection of gifts.

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