Here in northern New England, from which Day’s Jewelers is based, the spring moves in slowly. For the first month, it’s not surprising to see snow on a regular basis. Like clockwork, the snow gives way to rain, and almost overnight, the grass begins to grow deep shades of green, and life springs up all over the place. By the start of May, it’s like an enormous emerald blanket has been shaken out and settled down onto the earth. It’s lovely. No wonder then, that the birthstone of May shares in the beauty. This month’s birthstone is the color of that new spring life – Emerald.

emerald ring with diamonds and yellow gold

Emerald has as rich and deep a history as it does a lustrous green hue. The first known emerald mines date back to at least 330 BC, and emeralds have been admired and revered by civilizations all over the world since that time. In Rome, it was said that emerald soothed the eyes and removed weariness (we still say today that the color green can relieve eye strain). Emerald has been attributed to youth, the improvement of memory, improvement of thinking abilities and speaking, the revelation of truth or falsehood, and the ability to see the future.

emerald ring with diamonds    emerald necklace with diamonds   emerald hoops with diamonds

Whatever your reasons for wearing it, Emerald is the perfect choice for everyday wear as it is one of the harder stones on the MOHS scale. Emerald jewelry is a fantastic way to liven up your style and looks great on everyone.

RWBEM0153   JEREM0451

Match it up with gray, black, cream, beige or brown and instantly give your neutral look a pop of style.

   emerald stud earrings with diamondsOutfit One    emerald bracelet with diamonds

Combine it with purple, red, and orange to create a vibrant touch of energy.

  emerald necklace with diamondOutfit Twoemerald stud earrings  

You can’t go wrong with emerald! It’s perfect for everything, from a day at the office to an elegant soiree. Stop in at one of our eight Day's locations; we're happy to help you find just what you need.


Lauren Flanagan

Lauren Flanagan
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