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July is coming to a close, and as we begin to knock on the bittersweet door of August, it is time to take a look at the stunning and exquisite birthstone of August: peridot. Frequently compared to emeralds due to its bright green color, peridot has been beloved by many. In fact, some historians believe that Cleopatra’s infamous emeralds may have actually been peridot! Peridot has been mistaken for many different stones throughout history, and was referred to until the late 19th century as “Evening Emerald”.

Square cut Peridot

August’s brilliant green birthstone, peridot, is unique in the fact that it has been found in both lava rocks AND pallasite meteorites that date back 4.5 billion years. This intriguing history, along with Peridot's exquisite appearance, lends itself perfectly to mythology and historical folklore that aim to explain its existence. 

Prevalent in both Egyptian and Native Hawaiian cultures, peridot is frequently compared to and connected with the sun in ancient myths and stories. Its bright, brilliant color and association with lava bring clear connection to the sun’s brilliance and power.


In Hawaiian folklore, peridot gemstones are believed to have come to Earth as tears of the goddess, Pele (pronounced peh-leh). Pele is the goddess of the fire and volcanoes in Hawaiian culture, and is revered for her ability to create new land with the lava from her volcanoes. She is one of the most well recognized Hawaiian deities and is respected and appreciated by Hawaiian people even today. Due to Pele’s assumed involvement with the lava that peridot has been found in, Hawaiians believe that the gemstone comes from Pele herself.

Wave graphicIn Ancient Egypt, peridot was believed to keep evil spirits away and helped to harness and embrace the powers that the natural world possessed. Egyptian priests would include the gemstone in their goblet designs in hopes of introducing this power of nature into their own lives and positions.

Rough and polished peridot gemstoneToday, peridot is embraced for its beauty, rich history, and ability to bring elegance into any wearer’s natural style. Peridot is also believed to be a healing stone, and is used by many to bring a sense of calm and peace to its wearer. It is thought to be able to help to regain control over one’s own life and emotions as well as redirecting priorities back to what the wearer truly cares about.

Whatever the meaning of it, peridot is truly an enchanting and mysterious gemstone that we adore! Let us help you find your perfect peridot piece at Day’s Jewelers. View my favorites below, or check out our entire collection here. Once you find your favorite, tag us at @DaysJewelers in your photos with it for a chance to be featured on our social media pages!


To all of the August-born jewelry lovers out there, happy birthday!



Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Day’s Jewelers Creative Content & Copywriter