Day's Jewelers is a great destination to view an interesting and extensive selection of artisan jewelry made in the U.S.A and North America. This amazing group of artisan jewelers, look at life through a different set of lens by expressing their jewelry inspirations as an Art Form.

Ed Levin , from northern New York state, provides designer hand made jewelry that is inspired by the free-flowing images found in nature. Each piece is meticulously crafted which accentuates the fluidity of its wearer - continuous circles, smooth lines, delicate swirls and colorful detailing. The fluidity of motion for easy and comfortable wear is also reflected in this collection.

Tom Kruskal , a New England jeweler is inspired by organic shapes and creates jewelry that women really love to wear.Every piece of jewelry the Tom Kruskal collection is hand made. From start to finish, he is a part of the jewelry creation process, either as a designer, craftsman or supervisor.

MarahLago designs her showcase of jewelry using Larimar, a rare and ocean inspired gemstone found only in one place in the Caribbean.This mesmerizing gem is absolutely exquisite and unique with its hues of green and blue. No two stones are alike, which truly makes each piece original.

Keith Jack , an artisan jeweler from Vancouver, Canada, employs the raw beauty of the Scottish and Irish landscapes when creating his beautiful celtic designs.He uses textured metals in unique ways that translate into stunning original designs in a contemporary, elegant, style.

All of our artisan jewelers go through painstaking efforts to create their inspirations at the best quality and at the best values for our customers. Collectively they employ hundreds of people who also practice the art of jewelry making, while supporting the U.S. and North American economy.

About the Blogger:

kc-studio-bestKathy Corey, Owner and Vice President of Merchandising

The art and science of jewelry design and jewelry merchandising is her passion. Kathy believes that she definitely has more fun than anyone on her executive team. "What woman doesn't enjoy buying jewelry, especially with a multi- million dollar budget every year?"

Kathy is an ardent believer in community involvement. She has served in leadership positions on countless organizations the including the Chamber of Commerce, several local economic development organizations and is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees for Inland Hospital . One of her core beliefs in operating her business is giving back to the community. She contributes over 150 hours on community boards and organizations every year.

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