Scorpio Symbol in Galaxy Star Pattern

Scorpio season is almost upon us and, lovely scorpios, it’s time to prepare yourselves for a season of strength and determination! Scorpio season runs from October 23rd-November 21st and is known to be a passionate, transitional time that brings with it the desire to propel ourselves into a new season of life. Whether this means taking on a new, ambitious task, or embarking on an adventure, nothing is too far fetched for the fiery 2021 Scorpio season.

Scorpios are known for their bravery, persistence, and loyalty. They are strong willed and powerful and known to be one of the more intense and passionate water signs. In many instances, these characteristics are spun to be seen as negative traits such as controlling, obsessive, or vengeful (which are all descriptive words I’ve seen when researching scorpios, and, honestly, why is everyone being so mean?). However, having a loyal, calculated, well planned person in our lives is something that truly benefits us all. 

Aquamarine, round cutAs a water sign, Scorpios’ perfect zodiac stone is the aquamarine. This is a logical gemstone for all of the obvious, water-related reasons, but it is also known as “The Stone of Courage and Protection”. This is perfect for endlessly curious Scorpios who may unintentionally find danger at any corner they poke their head too far around. Whether this danger is found in an attempt to protect or defend those they love, or it’s just good old fashioned curiosity that’s gotten the better of them, it’s important for Scorpios to remember to slow down, evaluate the situation, and have a constant reminder to care for and protect themselves, even when it may not seem important to them.

Aquamarine is also known, like many other protection stones, as a calming and centering store. This can help a Scorpio who may have, as some would say, “girlbossed a bit too close to the sun”. Or, in other words, pushed their power and passion to its limit and is now suffering some unforeseen emotional consequences as a result of their passion dipping into obsession or chaos. The calming aquamarine stone can help to rebalance and refocus you in moments like these and will allow you to reassess the situation with a clear, conscious mind.

Whether you are trying to prevent burnout, protect yourself from your own fearlessness, or simply bring a sense of balance to your life, aquamarine can be the perfect stone for you this month, Scorpio! 

Aquamarine, uncut

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Kyra Zabel

Kyra Zabel

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