Stack Your Pride!

Stack Your Pride!

Self expression, celebration, and love. These are the things that make choosing jewelry unique and personal. At Day’s, we adore getting to know our customers and all of your unique love stories. Getting to connect with you and be a small part of your love story is truly the best part of jewelry sales. 

This pride month, we’ve put together a stack of gorgeous gemstone rings that represent passion, joy, strength, romance, and tranquility. Together, these rings make up a beautiful rainbow that’s perfect for pride month but individually, they hold their meaning and represent colorful individuality that can be seen and appreciated at any time of the year!

Radiant Rubies

Rubies have been known throughout history for their representation of passion, love, and wisdom. Their bright red color is easily compared to an eternal fire burning with the strength and power that comes with love.


This ruby ring in 14kt white gold with diamonds is the first in our rainbow ring stack. The combination of passionate rubies and diamonds that symbolize love and romance is the perfect way to represent the fiery red of the rainbow. Whether you use rubies to represent the passion of your love, or the passion you feel to work and fight for the things you believe in, the 13 rubies that make this ring stand out will capture the passion and love you hold in your heart and mind.

Sunny Citrine

Citrine is the perfect sunny stone to represent the joy and happiness of living your life with the person you love and adore. Once thought to have been a gift from the sun, citrine’s beautifully bright color can make even the darkest days just a little bit brighter. 

JoyfulThe versatility of this stunning citrine stackable band in 14kt white gold is incredible. It can be added to a stack, like our rainbow ring stack, for color and beauty, used on its own to represent the joy of love and sunny summer days, or even used as a wedding band to bring a modern touch to the traditional wedding band design! Whatever way you choose to present the joy and beauty of this band, it’s sure to represent the happiness that can be found in unexpected places in life.

Enduring Emeralds

Emeralds have a long history of being worn and collected by royalty and are associated frequently with the type of strength that it takes to rule an entire kingdom or country. When worn in a ring, emeralds have the power to boost your confidence, impress those who are around you, and reflect the incredible strength and resilience that you exude even in the most challenging times.


With ten sparkling diamonds alongside the emeralds to remind you of the love and romance that you value in your life, this beautiful ring is the perfect way to celebrate yourself and all you’ve overcome.

Sparkling Sapphire

Sapphire was thrust into the spotlight as a romantic gemstone when Prince Charles proposed to Princess Diana with a beautiful blue sapphire engagement ring in 1981. Since then, sapphire engagement rings have grown in their popularity and sapphire stones have become almost synonymous with romance and adoration. 


Paired with dazzling diamonds, this Dvani sapphire ring in 14kt white gold sparkles with the promise of true love and commitment that will stand the test of time. Whether this ring becomes a special way to show how much you adore the person you love, or you wear it to represent your commitment to your own happiness and self love, this ring is sure to bring you a life of love and devotion.

Alluring Amethyst

Amethyst’s beautiful purple hue is mysterious and intriguing to many and, throughout history, there have been countless interpretations of its meaning, powers, and importance. One thread that seems to connect these speculations, however, is that amethyst is calming, giving its wearer a sense of protection and tranquility when wearing it. It is believed to promote good health and discourage negative thoughts and feelings, regulating your emotions and bringing you peace.


This oval amethyst ring in 14kt white gold with diamonds is simply stunning. Perfectly shaped to be stacked alongside other colorful rings, amethyst closes out our rainbow ring stack with grace and beauty. Wear this ring alone, or with a collection of others. Either way, we hope it brings you the peace and tranquility that amethyst is known for!

Happy Pride Month!

We like your style just the way it is, so whether you choose this stack, or find colors and rings that represent you even better, we hope you’ll wear your rainbow this month and every month!

With love,

Kyra Jo Zabel

Kyra Zabel

Content and Copywriter