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Monthly Archives: November 2021

  1. Day's Jewelers Diamond Upgrade Program

    Day's Jewelers Diamond Upgrade Program
    This holiday season, you may be thinking of purchasing diamonds for a loved one. Diamonds are a meaningful, sentimental gift that can be enjoyed by anyone at any age or walk of life. With the Day’s Jewelers diamond stud upgrade program, a beautiful pair of diamond earrings can become the annual gift that keeps on giving! When you buy a pair of stud diamond earrings at Day’s Jewelers, the earrings are automatically enrolled in our diamond earring upgrade program. This means that even if you already own a pair of Day’s diamond earrings and you were unaware of the program when you purchased or received the earrings, your earrings are still eligible for participation! ...
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  2. M. Schamroth & Sons: A Trip to the City

    Full of charm and cheer, the business of life, and the beauty of the everyday, New York City is the dream of glamor! Recently, our very own South Portland Office Manager, Angelina, took a trip over to the Big Apple for a visit to the city!  Though she has been to New York on multiple occasions in the past, this visit was special as she was able to spend most of it as a fun, solo trip. As she does on many of her trips, Angelina was able to visit one of Day’s Jewelers largest vendors, M Schamroth & Sons.  She says, “On my first trip to New York City, I was able to meet up with many different vendors, but I developed a close relationship wit ...
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  3. Sagittarius Zodiac Stone: Communicative and Curious

    Sagittarius Zodiac Stone: Communicative and Curious
    Sagittarius season is upon us and what better way to celebrate this fiery, fierce, independent sign than to take a closer look at the best gemstones to keep these wanderers on the right path!  Sagittarians are known for their quick wit and their love of the unknown. Constantly seeking to learn new things and see new places, they have a tendency to enjoy the unfamiliarity of new things rather than the comforts of home. Their confidence in themselves and in their adventurous decisions make a personality that is irresistible to many who will meet them.  Their love for travel and change, as well as their difficulty filtering themselves can get them in trouble on occasion. When their quick and passionate decision making comes through faster than the rational part of their brain can process the consequences ...
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  4. Estate Jewelry Holiday Guide

    Estate Jewelry Holiday Guide
    This holiday season, Estate Jewelry is more sentimental than ever. Many of us are entering the holidays this year with a renewed sense of appreciation for tradition, love, and family. With the rich history behind each and every piece of Estate Jewelry, you can carry with you a lifetime of sentiment and emotional value in whichever piece you choose.  One of the best ways to bring tradition to life is through a memorable piece of jewelry. Delighting in the beauty of a piece you adore is sure to create a memory for those you love to last lifetimes to come. If you are able to pass the piece on to the next generation who can cherish it and find joy in the tradition of love, this sentiment lasts even longer and becomes even more meaningful.  For the history of Estate pieces, you are their next generation. When you purchase an Estate piece, it carries with it ...
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  5. Buyer's 2021 Holiday Favorites

    Buyer's 2021 Holiday Favorites
    This holiday season, we want you to get to know our buyers! These are the wonderful women behind all of your favorite pieces of jewelry. They go to gem shows to pick out the sparkling center stones that will be set into your favorite rings and necklaces, look through countless collections and manufacturer’s works to choose the styles that you’ll come to love, and put hours into making sure that each piece they choose will be perfect for the customers that we are honored to serve every single day (that’s YOU!) Unlike many companies, the buyers at Day’s Jewelers follow the pieces they choose from the actual buying stage, all the way to when the piece is set into the cases in our stores for you to browse. They work hard to be sure that our prices are fair and up to date, they monitor which pieces are getting the most attention and sales, and they make sure to reorder all of ...
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  6. Jewelry to Match Your Red (Taylor's Version) Mood

    Jewelry to Match Your Red (Taylor's Version) Mood
    If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift (a Swiftie, if you will), you know that these last few months have been a WHIRLWIND. For many people, November means pumpkin pie, preparing for Christmas, and family gatherings. For us, though, it’s the month we’ve been looking forward to since June 18th, when Taylor first announced that Red would be her next re-recorded album release. So, in honor of today being the long awaited release day, I’ve put together a collection of jewelry to match ALL of your Red (TV) re-release moods! (if you’re not a Taylor Swift fan and haven’t listened to the Red album, I’m very sorry for all of the references in this blog that you may not understand. Please utilize our website c ...
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  7. November's Historic Birthstone

    November's Historic Birthstone
    November is the month of harvest. With Thanksgiving right around the corner and an abundance of hearty veggies and warm soups just waiting to be devoured, what better birthstone to celebrate with than the warm, fall colored citrine? Burning with fiery orange blaze, citrine’s color is unique and desired by many.  Citrine has been sought after for centuries. A favorite of ancient Greek, Egyptian, and Roman societies, citrine was thought to rid the wearer of evil thoughts and bring them prosperity and an even, calmed temper. Today, citrine is less rare, making it a stunning, accessible option for anyone who loves colored gemstones and the bright a ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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