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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  1. Top 5 Rules for Wedding Guest Lists by Bride Blogger Amanda Aceto

    A wedding is such an amazing celebration of love, family, and friendship. The difficult thing about that is all the love, all the family, and all the friendships! Kevin and I both have very large, beautiful families that support and love us. We knew, with our families alone, we were looking at 90 or more guests. The guest list was, hands down, the most difficult part of our whole wedding planning process. 1. Limit you guest list according to your budget When planning a guest list, remember that each guest will need a meal, a table, a chair, silverware, a gift (if you choose), and an invitation. The amount of guests you and your fianc choose to invite is deeply ...
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  2. Top 3 Summer Wedding Design Trends by Guest Blogger Amber Small

    I am often asked, "Amber, what is going to be hot this summer?" I love that question, because to me, anything can be hot. That is the wonderful thing about designing your wedding to fit you and your partner. Anything goes In fact that's my hope for every couple: that their personality, their love, and their uniqueness comes through on their wedding day. That being said, there are always trends. Here are my top three trends for 2014: #1 Pale Color Palette: gold, taupe, blush, soft pinks are coming in force. The soft palette really adds a elegant overall ...
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  3. Style File: Coast to Coast - Fashion Week

    It's no secret that the fashion capital of the America is New York, but in March, LA had their own "Fashion Week" celebration. On Friday, hundreds of people gathered around the outdoor lounge at the W Hotel in Hollywood to celebrate the kickoff of LA fashion week with a runway show featuring two incredible designers. I had the honor of being able to volunteer at this event which gave me exclusive front row access to all the looks! The runway show was amazing, but seeing the style of the attendees was ...
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  4. Top 5 Wedding Gown Shopping Tips by Bride Blogger Amanda Aceto

    Shopping for "the dress" can come with a variety of emotion. From the stress of finding what will be perfect, to who will come with you, to the moment where you say, "yes"; this shopping experience is unlike any other. Kevin and I had been engaged for seven months before I decided to go dress shopping. I wanted to give myself about year in advance from dress shopping day to wedding day. So the date was set for June 2013. My entourage included my mom Diane, my two maids-of-honor (and sisters) Christina and Jessica, my future mother-in-law Nancy, and my Godmother, Aunt Becky. These are the women that have helped me to become the woman I am today and whose opinions really matter to me. I would suggest surrounding yourself with honest people who ...
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  5. Style File: Coast to Coast - Spring Trends Head to Toe

    This Winter has seemed particularly grueling on both coasts so having a fresh Spring style is a much needed ray of sunshine! This week we are going to review Spring Style: Head to Toe! Kelsey:   One of my favorite trends this year that is easing the transition from our winter booties to our summer sandals are open toe, open heel, and strappy booties. How fun is that? For me, my favorite part of Fall is slipping back into my ankle or knee high boots, so I think it is great that this trend is working its way into Spring and early Summer style. Not only are these boots fun to wear during this seasonal transition, but they are also easy to pair with any look. Show off your new Spring pedicure with this open boot trend!There really is never a bad time to be in the city of Los Angeles, ...
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  6. Top 5 Floral Designs by Guest Blogger Amber Small

    Last week we introduced you to our first Day's Bride Blogger, Amanda Aceto. Amanda's posts are from one bride to another and will be a great resource for planning a wedding. Today we are excited to introduce another Guest Wedding Blogger that will also be a great resource because the posts will be from the perspective of a Professional Wedding Planner. Amber Small is the founder of Sweetest Thing Weddings based in Bangor, Maine. Amber has been designing and planning weddings ...
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  7. Eternity Takes Forever: Twitter is the new Cupid

    Having grown up in a very small town in Maine, I was eager to get out into the world. In June of 2004, the week after my high school graduation, I embarked on a 3 week journey from Maine to California and back on a Greyhound bus. When I made it to California I stayed with a cousin, who is a little older than me, and was in LA to pursue an acting career. The first night there we settled in to watch one of her favorite movies, "Before Sunrise." It is the story of Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy), two twenty-something ...
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  8. Does a Solar Watch Stop When There is No Light?

    I was waiting on a guesta few days ago. She brought an older model Citizen watch in fora repair and was asking about the cost to repair versus the cost of a new watch. I examinedthewatch and determined the repair was going to be between $80-$160 because of the damage done to it, whereas a new, similar one would sell for $240 with a five year warranty. The age of the watch (approximately 10-12 years) combined with the cost of repair, indicated it would likely be better to replace it unless it had some sentimental value. I asked her if this was the case and she replied no, it had no sentiment at all. At this point, we walked over to the watches and I told her replacement also would be great because the new models of ...
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  9. Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips by Guest Bride Blogger Amanda Aceto

    At Day's we have always tried to be more than just a merchant for our guests. Over the past 100 years we have come to be a trusted resource our guests can turn to when they have a question or a concern or need advice in a jewelry related matter. Today, we are excited to introduce an expansion to the expertise we can offer our guests.Every other Wednesday, Guest Bride Blogger Amanda Aceto, will release a new blog that chronicles the planning of her wedding to her fiance, Kevin Marsden. Amanda and Kevin met at a wedding in 2009. In November of 2012 Kevin asked Amanda to "make him the happiest man in the world" and plan a wedding of their own with him. With 4 months to go until their July 11th wedding, Amanda will be sharing their plans with us. They will keep some plans quiet so their guests will have a few surprises but each post will be full of good advice from a real bride planning a real wedding. This first post has Amanda's "Top 5 Wedding Planning Tips" for newly engaged couples. ...
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  10. Style File: Coast to Coast - Business Style

    One thing that women can agree on, no matter which coast you're on, is that style in business is important. When you step into a board room or a meeting, the way you feel about your look can spike your confidence and help you preform better. Today's Coast-to-Coast Style File is all about Professional Style and how women on both coasts are rockin' it. Kelsey | West Coast Style Hunter:   I had this picture in my mind of what LA was going to be like before I got here. I was under the impression that I was going to get to the city and be amazed by the street style like I was in Chicago. That hasn't been the case so far though. Maybe it is because I, myself, am now a professional woman but the looks that have been inspiring me mean business. There ...
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