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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  1. Watching Over Me

    Jewelry is never where I pictured myself when I was growing up. I saw myself as most young boys do, as a firefighter, motorcycle racer, or a pilot. I consider myself lucky to be in an industry that values rare things. I get to be involved in some of the greatest love stories ever told. I meet people who are also passing along family heirlooms and hunting for future family heirlooms. Funny thing is that making a difference in someone's life isn't always apparent. I was working for Day's Jewelers in the Manchester, New Hampshire location as the store's watch specialist. I worked mostly mornings when it was quiet. I took my time to readjust the watch lines in their cases, and polishing of any fingerprints I might find. I jumped at any chance I could at running out to the floor to help ...
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  2. When There Are No Words

    Jewelry is an emotional gift. In the handful of years I havesold jewelry, I have helped people select gifts to commemorate feelings of joy,love, passion, celebration, achievement, and commitment. During the season ofgiving, loved ones come into our stores seeking the perfect gift to say justthe right thing. The majority of these gifts are selected with smiles andlaughter, but once in a while, I find myself in the midst of holiday shopperswho are grieving. During the holidays we find ourselves surrounded by belovedfamily and friends. We grow to depend on the traditions of singing familyfavorite Christmas carols, eating favorite foods, watching the televisionprograms that never seem to grow old, and seeing the same faces across thetable. For most of you, this will be your holiday season, but for many, ...
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  3. My Day's Jewelers Family

    Photo: Natalie, New England Sales, Forevermark Diamonds   I graciously accepted the first 2013 holiday party invitation, as it came from one of my best retail partners, Day's Jewelers. As the celebration date loomed and my work schedule became even more hectic than usual, I wondered why I always stretch myself so thin. I could have easily declined the offer and stayed home that Saturday night re-charging my batteries and getting ready for yet another week ahead of intense travels. But on Saturday, November 16th, what I witnessed and felt was not just another corporate holiday affair. This party is an annual occurrence for Day's employees and it has been going on for 22 years. Everyone was dressed ...
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  4. Personalized Gifts for the Holiday Season

    Working in retail means long hours during the holiday season. With no time to shop between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I have to get my shopping done early. This year, the gifts that I have bought for friends and family have all been very personal. I can't tell you exactly what I bought, since my family will be reading this, but I thought I would give you some ideas to inspire your holiday shopping! Mother's rings are a great traditional personalized gift. You can pick a setting and add the birthstones to represent children or grandchildren. Mother and Child necklaces are another spin ...
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  5. Making Memories: The True Value of Jewelry

    Entering into the world of motherhood is the greatest blessing anyone could ever have. That being said, it is also an enormous challenge at the same time. An amazing miracle is born into this world and you are responsible for his/her safety, health, education and giving an unending supply of love and encouragement to their rapidly developing personas. Trying to balance the responsibilities parenthood bestows upon us in combination with keeping up on household duties and a full time job can be a never ending struggle. With the birth of my second child, I was beginning to feel the strain of prioritizing my life and my need to balance my wants and desires with the needs of my family. I had made the decision to return to the job that I love while also trying to honor all of the commitments ...
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  6. What Metal Should I Choose for my Wedding Band?

    How times change. Twenty years ago, selecting a wedding band for a man was a simple choice. You could have gold (white or yellow), and maybe choose a pattern and some diamonds. Today, however, is another story all together. Tungsten, cobalt chrome, platinum, titanium and palladium have been added into the mix. So, how do I pick the metal that is right for me, you might ask? It's not as hard as you might think. An examination of the properties and pricing of the metals should clear up, or at the very least, narrow your choices down a bit. There are two basic groupings of the metals; precious and alternative. Precious refers to valuable metals such as gold, platinum and palladium. Alternative is everything else. That was easy, right? ...
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  7. How to Propose: Sales Associate to Bridesmaid

    Recently one of my sales associates was working with a gentleman to find the perfect engagement ring for his girlfriend. Upon walking in it was clear this was not Joe's favorite thing to be doing. He had his guard up in every way possible, but that changed rather quickly. In her typical fashion,Crystal had him drinking a beer and laughing in no time. After probing the customer for quite some time Crystal was able to locate exactly what he wanted. Her customer service didn't end with the sale though. Crystal worked with Joe and helped him arrange an amazing proposal with the ...
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  8. Everlon Diamond Love Knot, a Timeless Classic

    The Everlon Diamond Knot Collection offers simple, timeless and elegantdesigns. The Everlon collection is one of the most popular trends in jewelry today. It is an artistic representation of the Hercules Knot - one of the strongest knots that can be tied. According to the Ancient Romans, this knot was tied around the waist of a new bride and only her husband had the privilege to untie it. A symbol for love and strength, this design is meant to bring happiness to its wearer. Knots are meant to be binding, just as the marriage of a man and woman is. By including a diamond at the center of the knot, Everlon has created ...
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  9. Why are Internet Prices on Diamonds all Different?

    Why are internet prices on diamonds all different - for the "same" quality? The other day aguest came in and asked if we would match internet pricing on diamonds. My answer may surprise you. I said, "I do not match diamond prices because no two diamonds are the same. I can, however, look at what you are seeing and most likely find a better priced diamond for you." Of course, the guest looked at me with a perplexed look and asked "If they are both G / SI1 and a half carat, aren't they the same?" Good question. The answer is yes...and no. The diamonds should be almost the same in color and clarity, but that is where the similarity may end. So, why are internet prices on diamonds different for the "same" quality diamonds? The retail myth: Ever heard ...
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  10. Right Hand Ring, the Freedom Ring

    Recently, a customer came in to see me to help her design a new ring. She brought in a loose stone from a ring given to her from a previous relationship and her mom's wedding band. She was interested in using these items in her new ring in some way. As we talked, she shared with me some major life events from the past year including the loss of a loved one, an illness and a major job promotion. The ring she was looking for would be worn on her right hand and for her, would be a symbol of the newest chapter in her "beautiful, healthy, happy life." Traditionally, jewelry has been used as a way to mark major life events.Perhaps the most well recognized symbol of significance is the wedding ring; the unbroken circle which many cultures understand as representative of eternal love. The wedding ring has always been a universally ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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