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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  1. Real Maine Wedding: Love that Grew from an Ice Cream Cone...

    The ideal dream weddingvaries from couple tocouple in detail, but oftenthe possibility of a "Wedding of your Wildest Dreams," fades into a "Wedding of your Affordable Dreams." This is something that Alyssa Kavanagh and her fianc Nick Planeta may have worried about, but they won't have to anymore. Alyssa and Nick have been selected as the 2012winners of Real Maine Weddings Magazine's Wedding of the Year Contest! Contestants were asked to submit a video describing why they wanted to get married in Portland, Maine.Watch Alyssa & Nick's Entry Video Thisvideo tellsthe story of how Alyssa and Nick met at Giffords Ice Cream in Waterville ...
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  2. Honora, Not Your Grandmother's Pearls!

    Welike to keep my eye on fashion and this springits all about bright, vibrant colors incorporated into clothing and accessories. Honora Pearls, the leader in pearl fashion trends is the perfect fine jewelry accessory to compliment your new threads, because they come in a broad array of tones and colors. Honora Pearls is an affordable luxury, so you will be able to own more than one piece, allowing you dozens of possibilities to mix and match within your wardrobe. ...
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  3. Chamilia Garden Party Collection

    What a great gift for Mother's Day or for a treat to yourself! The Chamilia Garden Collection is feminine, fun and adds personality to any Chamilia bracelet, necklace or earrings.The Garden Party bead collection brings spring to your bracelet - new blooms, flower designs, soft colors. Check out Chamilia designer, Killian Rieder's, video about the new 2012 Spring Collection, Garden Party: http://youtu.be/eTDKm2_vMjo Chamiliabeads and jewelryare a great new way to create family heirlooms.Build a mother and daughter bracelet that can be passed down from generation to generation, andis a newway that each generation can add something new ...
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  4. April Birthstone, Part 4: Diamond Color

    This will conclude our Diamond Learn About for April's Birthstone. This blog will cover... Diamond Color: Diamonds naturally come in every color of the rainbow but the most common are those with a slight yellowness. The more common diamond colors are ranked on a scale from D (absolutely colorless) to Z (naturally yellow).   Some people will also refer to color in groupings (i.e. colorless, faint yellow) which translate to the following letters: The rarest and most expensive diamonds are either D (colorless) or a naturally intense color such as blue, yellow, pink, or the most rarered. However, not all colored diamonds are natural; some are treated with harmless radiation to artificially enhance their color. These diamonds are significantly less valuable than natural colored diamonds because they are not as rare. A diamond's color should be determined ...
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  5. April Birthstone, Part 3 - Diamond Carat

    April Birthstone, Part 3 of our Diamond Learn About Series. Diamond Carat: When Jewelers refer to a diamond's carat they are actually referring to the weight of the stone, not the size. In jewelry, the size of a stone is measured in millimeters; since diamonds can be cut shallow, deep or ideally, it is impossible to accurately convert a diamond's carat weight into an exact mm size. However, a very rough conversion can be made. Despite the ability to very roughly convert carat weight to size, the only accurate way to know the true carat weight of your diamond is to weigh it. Thus, 1 carat has become universally known as being a metric weight of 0.02 grams. The weight of a diamond has the most significant impact on its price. Since the larger a stone is, the rarer it is; one 2 carat diamond will be more expensive than the total cost of two 1 carat diamonds of the same quality. The carat of a diamond is often ...
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  6. April Birthstone, Part 2 - Diamond Clarity

    Part two of our April Birthstone - Diamond Series! Diamond Clarity: Clarity refers to the number of "inclusions" that are found inside of a diamond. Inclusions are scratches, trace minerals, or other tiny characteristics or markings that can detract from the way light bounces from mirror to mirror (known as "facets") within a diamond. It is extremely rare to find a diamond without inclusions. Inclusions are distinguishing characteristics which represent the uniqueness of each diamond and are often called the diamond's "fingerprint" because no two stones are exactly alike. If a diamond is found without any inclusions it ranked "flawless," and can be quite costly. The number of inclusions in a diamond is determined on a scale based on the visibility and location of these flaws when the diamond is beneath 10x magnification. Two common diamond grading houses are ...
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  7. 5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Mother's Day Gift

    5 Things to Consider when Choosing a Mother's Day Gift 1) Mindset - why you are buying it, not just what Remember how much your Mom loved those construction paper Mother's Day cards you made in 3rd grade? The same rule still applies! You should focus more on the "Why" you buy something as much as you focus on the "What." Remember the "Why" and when you give her the gift she'll know you mean "Thank you and I Love You." 2) Stop, look & listen Before you purchase that necklace, stop! Does she even wear necklaces? Does she own too many necklaces, that she doesn't wear them all? What has she mentioned she wanted? Was it another necklace? Sometimes just following those three words will help guide you away from buying a gift that doesn't communicate your real intent: saying thank you and I love you. 3) What's your mom type? ...
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  8. Chamilia's Puzzle Bead, Autism Awareness

    April is Autism Awareness Month. This month we would like toshare with youourChamilia"Give Back" Puzzle bead! The Autism Puzzleicon is the most recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Autismnow affects one in every88 children in America. You can show your support for Autism by wearing the Autism Puzzle Bead. Chamilia gives a portion of theprofit from the beads in the "Give Back" progam to the organizations. Proceeds from the Puzzle beads go towards the Autism Research Institute. Not only can you add to your own creative look to your Chamilia Bracelet, but you can help the world when you do it. The ...
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  9. April Birthstone, Diamonds.

    Over the course of the month of April, we are going to talk about the 4 C's of Diamonds (1 a week for the month of April!). Diamonds happen to be the birthstone of the month for April as well. Diamond Cut: One matter of preference is the shape that a diamond is cut into. Any shape other than a classic round is called a "fancy cut". Some of the most common fancy cut shapes are: Fancy cut diamonds make an extremely strong statement and are a unique and beautiful way to distinguish your personality and style. ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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