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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  1. Trend Alert: Fancy Diamonds

    Fancy diamonds? Wait, aren't all diamonds fancy? Not according to one of "C's" - the color of the diamond determines if it is considered fancy or not. A fancy colored diamondcan range in color from red to blue to black. And yes, it is still a diamond. Traditionally, we think of diamonds as colorless or near colorless, but a new trend is emerging where women are receiving colored diamonds in engagement rings. Modern engagement rings and engagements in general are moving away from the norm and embracing the beauty of fancy diamonds. This trend first hit the media radar back in 2003 when Boston native Ben Affleck gave his bride-to-be, Jennifer Lopez,a stunning 6 carat pink diamond valued at over 3 million dollars. Affleck and Lopez's relationship soon fizzled out, but the talk of the ...
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  2. Day's Jewelers and Blood Diamonds

    Below, Jeff Corey, Vice President of Marketing and Owner of Day's Jewelers describes what blood diamonds are, and how Day's Jewelers works to ensure that every diamond we sell is from a clean source: In 2001, I first learned that rebel forces in certain African countries were using funds acquired through the illegal sale of diamonds to finance conflict against legitimate governments. Though these "conflict" or sometimes called "blood" diamonds accounted for less than 4% of the diamond market, I was appalled to find that that the world's most cherished gemstone was involved in such atrocities. Diamond traders worldwide joined forces and developed the Kimberly Process which was a plan designed to prevent further trade of conflict ...
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  3. Gemstone and Diamond Setting

    Watch Jesse, the goldsmith at Day's Jewelers in Bangor, Maine, as he sets stones into a ring! What other 101 videos would you like to see? ...
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  4. All in a Day's Work!

    This is truly a story of how Day's Jewelers cares for their customers. Our Manchester, New Hampshire location had to find a solution to a potentially disastrous situation concerning an engagement! Read the whole story below as described by Sascha Barth, Manager of Day's Jewelers in Manchester, NH: A customer from Pennsylvania contacted Day's Manchester regarding the purchase of a Henri Daussi engagement ring. After dozens of e-mail and phone calls and a visit to the Manchester store, the perfect ring was decided upon, a two-carat Henri Daussi cushion cut diamond in a platinum mounting. The mounting had to be specially made to accommodate the diamond and was promised to arrive in the Manchester ...
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  5. Engagement and a Wedding!

    Day's Jewelers is very proud of its many accomplishments and services. We have a great staff, wonderful customers and an atmosphere both in the store and in the community that cannot be beat. We like to know that our customers feel at home in our locations and feel safe shopping with us. Some even feel comfortable enough to get married with us! Check out the video below to learn how Day's made the day of one special couple. Whycelebrate anywhere else?   ...
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  6. Gift Giving Guide: Anniversary Gifts

    Yesterday, I was in the Waterville Day's Jewelers and I overheard a customer ask one of the sales associates what a traditional tenth wedding anniversary gift is. The sales associate suggested a few things and gladly helped the customer find that perfect gift for the celebrating couple. Did you know there is actually a list of traditional and modern gifts for each anniversary? Most revolve around jewelry or gemstones of one form of another. Some are more interesting, for example take a peek at the 48th anniversary gift. Different, yes, but traditional nonetheless. Some years have both a traditional and modern take on the perfect anniversary gift. Look at the list below and tell us what you think! Year Traditional (U.S.) Modern (U.S.) ...
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  7. Waterville: Diamond Specialists and Radio Stars!

    Russ Wheeler, Manager of the Day's Jewelers in Waterville has quite a group of characters on his hands. The energetic team of diamond, gemstone, gold and silver specialists have decided to talk to their customers a different way: through the speakers of their car! That's right, associates in the Waterville store have created radio spots talking about thier experiences at Day's and perfectly showcasing the personalities in the Waterville store. Listen to some here! Then listen for the whole line up on Mix 107.9.   Josh, Office Manager   Joe, Watch Specialist   Marlene, Diamond Specialist ...
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  8. Pendants Versus Pearls

    Day's Jewelers hasa wide selection of pendants at prices for every budget. From classic diamond solitaire pendants, to trendy medallions like the one pictured below (which is one of my personal favorite pieces). Classic necklaces can be paired with any outfit adds a touch of sophistication and class. This medallion is created in rose gold with over one carat of diamonds pave set for added elegance. It's different and classic all at the same time. This is the perfect piece for any v-neck dress or shirt. The ultimate touch ...
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  9. Wedding Band Weekend!

    Getting ready to walk down the aisle? Be sure to come to one of Day’s Jewelers Wedding Band Events to explore all of the amazing options for fabulous wedding bands, bridal jewelry, and gifts. Taking place April 6th and 7th in South Portland, ME, and April 27th and 28th in Manchester, NH, the weekend will offer 20% off the purchase of wedding bands as well as giving you the most comprehensive look at what the top bridal designers have to offer. Day’s is committed to having plenty of staff on hand to make this process as easy as possible as you explore the best selection you will have in the store at any one time. Enjoy cocktails, refr ...
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  10. Spotlight on Chatham Jewelery

    Chatham. The name alone sparks beautiful images of flowing designs and stunning gemstones. In 1931, Carroll Chatham discovered that he could grow a crystal with the same chemical composition as a naturally occurring gemstone. The Chatham collection combines gemstones and diamonds with precious metals in eye catching designs that make a statement. Chatham creates pendants, necklaces, earrings and rings. There is one question that always prevails when talking about Chatham gemstones: are they real or fake? Chatham gemstones are cultured - similar to cultured pearls. They are not fake or simulated stones, they are grown in a cultured environment that allow for the gemstones to grow. The only difference is that the environment is manmade and not naturally made. These are real gemstones. Below are some of my favorite Chatham pieces. To learn more about Chatham, visit www.daysjewelers.com. ...
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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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