Amethyst and Jasper: Two Great Birthstones for a Warm February

Amethyst and Jasper: Two Great Birthstones for a Warm February

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As February sweeps in, we here in New England are firmly buried under a blanket of snow. The days are cold and the nights are still long, but February’s birthstones offer a warm spark at the heart of winter’s dreariness. If you’re shopping for a February birthstone gift this month, you’ve got a couple of great options. Let’s explore two stunning birthstone options for February birthdays: amethyst and jasper. 

amethyst rough polished

Go Traditional with Amethyst 

Amethyst is a variety of quartz that grows in violet hues due to irradiation or impurities in iron. Shades can range from very light, pinkish-purple shades to deep violet tones, and can feature sparkles of red and blue, depending on the trace elements and precision of the stone’s cut. Amethyst is one of the rare gemstones that only comes in shades of purple; while quartz takes on many different colors, each color of quartz has a specific name.

ametrine rough polished

Amethyst is part of the same family as citrine, and since these two stones have the same origin source, ametrine is a lovely combination of the two gemstones. Gentle shades of violet and yellow flawlessly combine into this stunning gemstone, making a unique gemstone for unique jewelry.

Violet amethyst is believed to be a stone of purification and protection. If negative energy is a concern, amethyst is said to create a protective barrier of spiritual light around the body.

February’s Mystical Birthstone: Jasper

Heliotrope, known by its common name “bloodstone,” is a mixture of quartz with a fine crystal structure that reduces that quartz sparkle. Heliotrope commonly takes two different forms; as opaque jasper or translucent chalcedony. Classic bloodstone takes the form of green jasper with red flecks of hematite, the spots of “blood” the stone was named for, but jasper comes in a range of greens and browns.

jasper rough polished

Jasper is said to be related to courage and wisdom, beneficial for nurturing strength and stability, and it’s a beautiful, earthy stone for jewelry. 

Amethyst and jasper are two stunning birthstone options for February birthdays. The violet hues of amethyst and the rich, earthen colors of green jasper look fabulous on their own, but also when combined. 

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