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Keith Jack has always been involved in the Jewelry business but fatherhood led him down the inspirational path to create stunning Celtic Designs. His children ignited his passion for designing jewelry and the raw beauty of the Scottish and Irish landscapes keep the inspiration flowing.

Keith Jack uses textured metals in unique ways that translate into stunning original designs that carry the symbolism of Celtic wisdom in a contemporary, elegant, style. The window to the Soul collection is a reminder that your soul is what binds your physical self to the spiritual world and that it needs to be nourished with an open heart and mind. His signature “Cradle of Life” design encompasses the idea that our lives are forever intertwined with the lives of those we love. The threads that bind us to one another help to weave our own destinies. The Dragonfly collection is a symbol of good luck, transformation, and self-realization and a reminder to live life to the fullest.

Day’s is the exclusive Keith Jack retailer in Maine and NH. Each piece is packaged with a unique card that reminds the owner of the story behind their chosen design.

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