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Forevermark diamonds are genuine, untreated and natural. Their beauty is unleashed by the world's finest craftsmen using skill and artistry. Each diamond must be at least 0.14 carats in size; clarity standard of SI2 or above; of L color or higher; and cut to a standard of Very Good or above. In addition, Forevermark experts only select those diamonds that are truly beautiful.


Selected for their exceptional qualities, only diamonds that meet stringent standards are eligible to become a Forevermark diamond. Less than one percent of the world's diamonds can carry the Forevermark inscription.

Responsibly Sourced

Sourced from a small number of carefully selected mines that are committed to the highest business, social and environmental standards, Forevermark diamonds benefit the people, communities and countries from which they originate.

The Inscription

Each diamond is inscribed with the Forevermark icon, together with an individual number that identifies it as uniquely yours. Invisible to the naked eye, this inscription is proof of the Forevermark promise – a promise that each diamond is as precious as the bond it signifies.

Each Forevermark diamond comes with a promise, inscribed at its very heart. Register your Forevermark Diamond.

Only the most beautiful diamonds can become Forevermark.

1. INHERENT QUALITY OF THE ROUGH DIAMOND: Rough diamonds with inherent flaws such as large inclusions or internal graining, or those that lack the transparency and luster needed to reflect and refract light, are not selected, as these features can compromise a diamond’s beauty and brilliance. Additionally, diamonds with a muddy or brackish appearance are not accepted by Forevermark. Although this does not necessarily affect a diamond’s color grade, it does affect its beauty. Each Forevermark diamond must also be natural and untreated.

2. CUT, SYMMETRY AND POLISH: Only those diamonds that meet our strict cutting and polishing standards for beauty and brilliance, not for maximum carat weight, are selected to become Forevermark. We evaluate the diamond’s symmetry and its polish, rejecting any diamond burned on the wheel or damaged with a laser. We also require a perfect, mirror-like, polished table for each Forevermark diamond to hold our inscription, proof of our promise of beauty, rarity and responsible sourcing.

3. DURABILITY: Diamonds with a thin girdle, shallow crown, or steep pavilion are rejected, as they are vulnerable to abrasions, chipping and breakage. Similarly, diamonds with a girdle too thick are rejected, as they carry too much weight, affecting the diamond’s proportions and diminishing its overall beauty.

These features may not affect a diamond’s 4Cs grading report, but they do compromise its potential brilliance. In Forevermark's quest for beauty, they refuse many diamonds that others would accept.

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