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    Welcoming a new member into a family is a tradition that has been in existence since ancient times.  Giving a gift to the new mother soon after she has delivered her child is a meaningful modern tradition which has acquired the name of “PUSH PRESENT.”

    Traditionally these presents given to the new mother were mostly jewelry or other valuables.  In present times, such presents are of various kinds and many options are viable depending on preferences as well as budgets.  Push presents can include coupons for household chores and caring for the newborn so the new Mom is able to take a break from her chores.

    We have complied a list of the top ten jewelry Push Presents:

      Crafted of sterling silver with a .05ct tw diamond

    push present 1

    This beautiful Heartbeat diamond earrings and necklace set is the perfect gift for a new Mom.  The diamond is the heartbeat that is a constant reminder of the life she has just created.


      Crafted of 14kt rose gold with a 1/10ct tw diamond

    push present 2

    She will always cherish this beautiful diamond heart necklace reminding her of your love for her and her love for her newborn baby.



    Crafted of 18kt rose gold with a 1/3ct tw diamond

    Push present 3

    The love a new mother has for her child unfurls life the petals of a lotus flower as seen in this beautiful lotus flower necklace.



    Crafted of 18kt white gold with diamonds weighing 1 1/4cts tw
    Feminine, strong and brilliant, the new Mother is unique and the center of her new baby and of her husband’s life as seen in the center diamond of this Forevermark Center of My Universe diamond necklace.

    push present 4


    Crafted of sterling silver with a .04ct tw diamond

    push present 5

    This beautiful Love Compass pendant reminds us to stay focused and remain on course during our lifetimes.  A new mother’s wish is to keep her child on the right path as she provides him/her with loving advice.


      Crafted of sterling silver with a 1/10ct tw diamond

    push present 6

    The presence of two diamonds is often a matter of private significance.  The diamonds in this meaningful necklace represent a new Mom and her new baby.



    Crafted of 14kt white gold with a 1/4ct tw diamond

    push present 7

    This beautiful two stone necklace was designed with a loved one in mind.  One diamond is for the new Mother and the other for her newborn.



      Crafted of 18kt white gold with 1/2ct tw diamonds

    push present 8

    Love is never ending as seen in this beautiful Forevermark Infinity necklace.  A loving relationship is formed between a new mother and her baby represented by the two sparkling diamonds in this necklace.



    Crafted of 14 kt yellow gold

    push present 9

    The love between a mother and child is featured in this beautiful necklace as they embrace their unique love by joining hands to celebrate a new life.



    Crafted of 14kt white gold

    push present 10

    A reminder of strong family ties, this tree of life necklace is perfect for the new Mother as she celebrates her growing family by adding their birthstones.



  • Day’s Jewelers a Third Generation Family Owned Jeweler You can Trust!

    Day's Jewelers, a Maine company with 3 generations of commitment to quality and service in the fine jewelry industry.

  • Welcome 2016! >> FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR

    January is a time for reflection. A look back on the past 365 days to decide what to carry forward into the new year, and what to leave behind. My advice to you, is to focus in on the things that make you happy and enhance those in 2016. Spend less energy on what you want to change about yourself and more about what you love.

    When setting goals, it is important to give yourself a deadline so that you stay on track. Whether it will take the whole year or just a few weeks, set dates so that you can mark your calendar and check each one off as it is completed. Start by organizing your workspace to create an environment of efficiency with plenty of room for brainstorming. Always keep a tangible calendar close by that you physically have to turn or tear off the pages so that you hold yourself accountable for time. We have created a free printable gemstone inspired calendar that you can download at the bottom of this post.



    The satisfaction of crossing a goal off of your plate is magical but don’t forget to reward yourself. The goals you accomplish help tell the story you leave behind. It is your heirloom left to the world.

    Buy something special to remind yourself of that accomplishment, something you can pass down to your future generations.

    Pressure makes diamonds so take your challenges head-on, head-strong and I guarantee you will be proud of the person who emerges.



    1. Print out your gem on any color cardstock that inspires you

    2. Cut along the outer solid lines

    3. Fold along all of the dotted lines

    4. Glue tabs in place

    5. Take a picture and share with us on Instagram @daysjewelers!


  • Behind the Beacon: Day's Exclusive Anniversary Charm

    We are so excited to announce a new Chamilia exclusive that you will only find at Day's Jewelers! The "Beacon of Light" was designed by Senior Chamilia Designer, Troy Hiles in celebration of Day's Centennial Anniversary. This special token was created specially and can be worn on a Chamilia bracelet or on a chain and contains "Beacon of Light" engraved on the reverse of the charm. A Swarovski crystal sits atop the lighthouse and represents the source of the beacon.

    When we received the first prototype of the charm we discovered that Troy had included a little note about what inspired her as she created the "Beacon of Light." Now that the charm is available to all, we wanted to share the note with you as well!  


    roy's Note: When I have a chance to follow my bliss, I tend to end up in Maine, a magical place very close to my heart. As often as possible, my husband and I plan a holiday in Maine, selecting a different area each time. These trips have provided endless inspiration to me as a designer.

    ngbds3242_1When designing the special lighthouse charm, I wanted to capture the beauty of the Maine coastline. You will see the ocean and sky on a crisp bright morning where there is shimmering blue as far as the eye can see. For the design of the lighthouse, I combined architectural details from several famous Maine landmarks to make an iconic central feature. The lighthouse is rendered to look tall and majestic on its foundation. At the base you will find starfish and shells as accents that add dimension and balance to the design.

    The text on the back of the charm reads “Beacon of Light”. This references the essential compass within each of us that strives towards the next challenge and seeks new personal horizons. It also honors those we share our lives with who guide and protect us, providing hope and sheltering us through our adventures.

    About the Designer, Troy Hines: 

    Troy has been a Jewelry Design Manager and Senior Designer at Swarovski North America - Chamilia Division since May 2013. She has a background in jewelry design, teaching the craft of jewelry design, and product development.


    About Chamilia:

    chamilia_logo_4505cChamilia’s line of interchangeable jewelry includes a dream assortment of beads, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and locks to inspire your creative mindset. Chamilia charms and jewelry inspire creative self expression. Whether it is romantic sentiment, family motifs, hobby and sport symbols or an array of other themes.

    Because all pieces are interchangeable, you will delight in the many possibilities to tailor your Chamilia jewelry to seasons, holidays or catwalk trends. Add some color accent to your existing collection with Murano glass beads or Chamilia’s brilliant selection of beads embellished with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS and see your existing collection take on a new light! 


  • What to Know About Sterling Silver

    lorenzo_citrine_ringSterling Silver jewelry has been around for quite a while.  It dates as far back as to the time of primitive man, and was named several different names before the word “Sterling” was created during the 12th century.

    During this time, the Germans used “Easterlings” (later shortened to “Sterling”) as a payment for English cattle.  Eventually, the Easterling became the Standard English currency.

    Sterling Silver had its “time to shine,” during the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era is known for its lavish affairs including affairs that involved eating. During this time it was frowned upon for food to be touched without an eating utensil. Eating utensils were made of sterling silver, and dpse0059this is where we get the term “Silverware” that we use today.

    Pure silver, which is also known as fine silver, is a malleable and very soft metal.  Fine silver can become damaged very easily, so it is usually combined with other metals to become more durable. All Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5 % alloy (usually copper) metal to give it more strength.

    All Sterling silver tarnishes, and can tarnish more quickly when exposed to sulfur and certain other chemicals in the air. Sterling silver jewelry is unlikely to tarnish when it is worn because it is constantly rubbing against skin or clothing.

    signatureSome manufactures will plate sterling silver jewelry with a hard, bright metal called rhodium.  A rhodium plated chain will not tarnish.  It will have a bright silver color at all times. However, most people prefer not to purchase a rhodium plated chain because it does not have the natural, dull patina finish that is common to pure sterling silver.

    If a sterling silver chain is stored in a sealed plastic bag with an anti-tarnish strip in the bag, it generally will not tarnish.

    rsoam03531Tarnish can be removed from a piece of sterling silver jewelry by dipping it in a tarnish removal liquid for a few seconds then rinsed.  It can also be removed by rubbing it with a specially treated silver polish cloth.

    Usually when people think of sterling silver jewelry, they think of something plain and silver in color.  However, as you can see that is far from the norm!


  • Some Fascinating Facts to Feed Your Passion for Gemstones

    jenst0823With their remarkable and fascinating colors, it’s no wonder why we continue to be fascinated by nature’s gems. Just when you thought you knew everything about colored gemstones, we just had to surprise you with a few facts!

    Remarkable Ametrine - Did you know that ametrine is a natural gemstone that is bi-colored and only mined in Bolivia? Combining the magnificent hues of purple amethyst and golden citrine, this intriguing gemstone dazzles with its rare beauty for a mesmerizing effect. You may also be surprised to know that although it’s a rare gemstone, ametrine is just as affordable as amethyst or citrine! One look at this gorgeous gemstone and you’ll marvel at nature’s beauty as if it was created with you in mind.

    Breathtaking Iolite - Long before iolite was crafted into fine jewelry, it was originally used by the Vikings to navigate the open seas. The violet blue gemstone was effective in filtering the haze and minimizing glare. It is incredible to think that the purpose of this gemstone has transformed from functional sailing to creating exceptionally gorgeous jewelry! Iolite also offers a more affordable option to sapphires and tanzanite by offering the rich hues of blue to create a look that is undeniably chic.

    jplbr0386Lustrous Pearls - The only gemstone to be harvested from a living creature, the natural pearl offers an iridescent sheen that is irresistible with its symbolic beauty and timeless appeal. Ancient Chinese legend believed that pearls were created from and inherited the celestial glow of the moon. Since natural pearls are now a rarity, the technique of culturing pearls has become a more common way to harvest such splendid beauty, from the fresh waters of China and the Tennessee River to the salt waters of Japan, China, Tahiti, Indonesia, the Philippines and Australia. We would love to hear where your pearls are from and welcome any suggestions you may have for other customers!

    Carat Weight - Did you know that a 1 carat ruby may appear to look smaller than a 1 carat emerald? People often associate carat weight with size. While this is a common method, collectors must also be aware of density which is represented in the Mohs scale of hardness. For instance, a ruby is denser than an emerald which explains why a 1 carat ruby would appear smaller in size.

    rtmd0815Maine Tourmaline - Are you dreaming about that vacation in Maine? When that day comes, we sure hope you’ll visit us at one of our six store locations. But until that time, why not have the next best thing? A little piece of Maine to call your own - Gorgeous Maine Tourmaline! Mined from the western mountains of Maine, the vibrant pink and green gems are a fashionable way to capture the essence of natural beauty while serving as a keepsake of precious times spent with loved ones. Did you know that tourmaline is found in all colors making it the most colorful gem? Pink, green, red and blue are the most common colors. There are also pink and green bicolored gems and a unique watermelon variety that is cut to display its pink center, a white ring and green edge. What can be more fun to wear during those summer days!

    Precious Gems - You may wonder, “I don’t have any ruby, sapphire or emerald jewelry, does that mean that my fine jewelry is considered semi-precious?” We would say, “Absolutely not!” In the past, many people considered rubies, sapphires and emeralds to be precious stones and all other gems to be semi-precious. While these three types of gems are still considered more valuable to this day, the distinction between precious and semi-precious gems has become outdated. All natural colored gems are precious and rare. What differentiates the price is the quality and rarity of the particular gem.

    jerrb0495Radiant Rubies - July is right around the corner, so we definitely need to mention a thing or two about rubies! Did you know that the only natural gemstone that is harder than July’s birthstone is a diamond? So if you’re looking for a piece of jewelry for everyday wear, those with rubies make an excellent choice.


    Shop all jewelry at As always, we are here to answer any questions!


  • What to Buy, What to Buy...for Mother's Day

    It's right around the corner. May 13th -- Mother's Day! So we pulled together a few of our favorites and included a Gift Buying Guide, we are making it as easy as we can for you this year.


    Celebrate the shining beauty of a Mother's love with this stunning diamond mother and child key necklace. The top part of the key portrays a mother gently enfolding her baby in her arms depicting the unique bond they share.



    motherchildThere is no stronger love than that of a mother and child. The No Greater Love pendant from Studio Petra Azar expresses this connection through the seamless bond connecting the two halves. The Mother and Child are connected by a magnetic union that symbolizes their love. This pendant has a line of diamonds streaming through the center and when the pieces come together, a single heart is created.


    joinedheartThis Joined Heart necklace gracefully connects two hearts representing love between two people. A customer inspired Stephanie by asking her to design a piece in memory of her deceased husband by using the couple's wedding rings. One open heart represents the open persona of the husband while the closed heart represents the quite persona of the wife. Together they create strength and synergy as indicated in this necklace. Add a loved one's birthstone to personalize it.


    diamondpendBeautifully set in a shiny gold setting, a round brilliant diamond is showcased in this necklace. Finely crafted from 14 karat white gold, its pendant features a 3mm solitaire that suspends from a split bail. This necklace offers such a sparkling appearance that you'll feel extraordinary each and every time you wear it.


    These are only a few ideas for Mother's Day, May 13th. We can also create mother's rings, mother's necklaces, or mother's bracelets. Be sure to check out our Mother's Day Gift Buying Guide; it answers questions from what type of mom to what type of budget!

    Flowers and dinner out are not an option this year. Remember that macaroni necklace you made mom back in grade school, it's time to upgrade and give her something as timeless and classic as she is. Something that can be passed down to your daughter, and their daughters.

    Still stuck? -- Kathy and Melissa will find the perfect gift!

  • Chivalry is Alive and Well

    These days, chivalrous, romantic men can seem few and far between, but when a man is in love, chivalry comes as naturally as in this case - flying a jet! On December 26th, 2011 I received the following email from Robert Hendrick, a US Air Force fighter pilot stationed in England:

    robert_chelsea“I am looking at purchasing an engagement ring from one of your stores, but I am currently stationed overseas.  I will be in the area in a few weeks, and wanted to see and hold a ring before actually purchasing it.  Unfortunately, I will only be around for a couple days. In essence, I'm trying to do as much research as possible so that I can show up and walk out with a ring within 24-48 hours.  Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!”


    Robert and his sweetheart, Chelsea, both graduated from Winslow High School a couple years apart but never really knew each other in school. They began emailing each other this past Summer while Robert was stationed in the Middle East. One thing led to another and finally Robert came to the conclusion that Chelsea was the lady he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

    Robert and I communicated back and forth to try to narrow down his choices. She has very tiny fingers and we wanted to make sure the ring would be perfect. Finally the choices were down to three. I connected Robert with Dave Smith, Manager of our Waterville store and with Gayle Baker a very special diamond consultant at Day's. Robert flew in from London on January 13th and came into Day's that evening to inspect the rings. On January 14th he returned, made his choice, and walked out with the ring preparing for the surprise of a lifetime. Here's what Robert shared with me about his proposal:

    fm00071“I proposed and gave Chelsea the ring that Saturday night, and it was a huge success.  She didn't know I was in the country, so I just surprised her at her home.  She walked in and there I was, with a rose and a ring in hand.  Fortunately, she said yes!”

    Robert is a true gentleman and a pleasure to work with. The Day's team thanks Robert and Chelsea for allowing us to share in their story and we wish them a wonderful life together.

    If you would like to share your story with Day's Jewelers, please email

  • Service and Day's Jewelers

    One of the greatest things about Day's Jewelers is our service department - both in the store and at The services we offer to our customers ensure that your jewelry is safe and sparkling. Every six months, we encourage our engagement ring, right hand ring, or diamond fashion ring wearers to come in and have their ring inspected to make sure that your gemstone or diamond is securely in place. A complimentary cleaning will take place to bring out the natural brilliance of your piece of jewelry. Watch Corey, a Portland Jewelry Consultant clean a ring:

    One of the ways to care for a piece of white gold jewelry is to get it rhodium plated. In the video below, Sascha, Jewelry Consultant at the Manchester, NH store explains the rhodium plating process.



    The web store,, has its own services that it offers to customers. Each order that is placed is handled with care and securely delivered to your doorstep. Day's Jewelers website ensures that you can buy safe and secure. If there is a product you would like to see in a store, simply choose the "See in Store" button on the product's page and enter your desired Day's location to see the piece. There is no obligation with this offer. It is just another service that Day's offers to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase. If you are unhappy with a purchase, Day's has a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of purchase (with original receipt) All of your merchandise is neatly packaged in a signature Day's Jewelers blue box and shipped fully insured. You can have peace of mind when you shop at Below, watch Melissa, Web store Manager, package and ship a web order:

  • Why I Love Honora Pearls!

    Do you love pearls? Do you love color? I do.. and I'm going to share my secret with you...Honora Pearls! That's it!

    Honora Pearls are a great way to spice up your pearl collection. The colors range from soft pastels to bold cherries and blues. For over 60 years, Honora has stood for value and quality in the jewelry industry. Honora is the largest importer of fine Freshwater Pearls in the United States. They use astounding cultured pearls to create colorful and affordable pearl jewelry for the pearl lovers.

    With the winter months upon us here in New England adding a little spice to heat up the wardrobe is all we need to feel better! My favorite colors right now for winter are the Honora Cherry and Honora Peacock collections.

    Pearls aren’t just for wedding days and your grandmothers anymore. You can wear pearls with ANYTHING; jeans and a t-shirt or your little black dress (or for some like me, not so little after the holidays black dress). Here are some fun ways to spice up your looks with Honora Pearls, as shown off by Honora’s own Nicole:



    Stop into your local Day's Jewelers, or go online to and shop our Honora Pearl collection any time.

    Questions or comments, email or call 800-439-3297

    Have a GREAT weekend and GO PATS!

    Melissa W.
    Web Manager


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


All orders are fully insured and require a signature at time of delivery. Each item is cleaned, polished and inspected before it is wrapped and shipped to you. For engravings and ring sizing, please add an additional 2-3 business days to your order. Special orders or customizations may take 3-4 weeks. Please click here for full shipping information.


Day's Jewelers requires suppliers to provide a written warranty, for every diamond purchased, that it was acquired from non-conflict sources. Furthermore, as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Day's is committed to supporting and promoting the highest level of social, ethical and environmental responsibility in our communities and in the areas of the world where our products are sourced. Learn more...


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


Your jewelry purchased from Day's Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day's store at least once every six months. If you should live in an area where there is no Day's store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jeweler to perform the required semi-annual inspections. Day's also offers a low cost extended care plan that covers normal wear and tear of items not deemed as defective.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.