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  • BERING & Baselworld

    1800185_829503000410075_2139232315_n“We are in Hall 1 at Baselworld!” One of the most said sentences you heard in the BERING offices in April 2014! It was a huge success and honor for us to be in the same Hall with other bug brand names after only 4 1/2 years on the market. Of course, we wanted our presentation to be perfect.

    A huge show like Baselworld takes up an enormous amount of work. From hundreds of hours of manpower to countless hours of designing the project, organizing the show and discussing with different departments. Every department gets involved; management, sales, marketing, graphics and the warehouse.

    The preparation for Baselworld 2015 took us exactly one year.

    Let’s go back one year to how our journey to Baselworld 2015 started:


    The day we left Baselworld 2014 was the day we booked our booth for the upcoming year. One month after that we finished the plans for the new styles that we planned on presenting in 2015. The booth designing and drawing started in summer 2014 and were followed by producing banners and ordering furniture for the booth.

    It took our team 14 days to build our booth and was completed after an additional two days of decoration from our Merchandise Team.

    Then finally it was there, the day of the show. Seeing the final result and experiencing the atmosphere while meeting new and well known faces joining us at our booth was worth every minute of all the work.

    We had many visitors from existing business partners, journalists, fashion bloggers, sales representatives, and potential retailers to potential new business partners from foreign countries. It was a wonderful mix of people at our booth during the show. During the 8 show days everybody is on their feet all day long talking, explaining and discussing at the booth. In the evening the show continues at dinners with existing or potential partners. Overall it was a very energetic booth with lots of laughter while meeting people and experiencing new ideas together.

    After 8 long days the show was over and everybody was tired and the majority lost their voice from talking. The booth was packed up and cleared within 3 days. BERING’s booth for 2016 is already booked and the preparations have started already! Like they say “The show must go on!”


    11142942_1441155009516596_1804775927_nBaselworld is the largest and best known tradeshow for watches & jewelry in the whole world. Normally only people from the industry can access the show. At BERING we usually use this show to meet with our existing distributors from different countries, our own sales force of sales representatives and business partners from the whole world during the 8 show days.

    This year BERING decided to invite Fashion Bloggers from Europe to join us at the both.  With being only 4 ½ years on the market it was a big deal for us to invite bloggers from the fashion world. We wanted to meet the people who wear our designs and connect with them and give them the opportunity to see the industry from the inside. Our two owners; Michael & Lars gave them the inside story about BERING - a young Danish watch & jewelry brand that started out in Denmark in late summer 2010. Now our products are available in over 5500 stores in more than 50 countries across the world. We all enjoyed having the bloggers with us and learning from them about how they see brands and what they look for in products.

    Today there are a number of bloggers and end consumers writing, posting and showing how they wear their BERING product on all social Medias independently. We love and appreciate every interaction with end consumers.

    Have you posted your way of wearing BERING yet #ShareYourBering?




  • What is a Princesse Pearl Necklace?

    What is a Princesse Pearl necklace, you ask?  Quite simply put, it is a pearl necklace that you have to create over time.  You begin by purchasing a white or yellow gold starter necklace.  Then, over time, you buy additional pearls to add to the necklace until it is a complete pearl necklace.

    Why would someone start a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    sub_mashead_image_top_middle_11Now that you know basically what a Princesse Pearl necklace is...why would someone buy a necklace that requires so much work to complete?  The answer is actually very simple:

    1.  The pearls themselves are the finest quality of pearl.  You will never find substandard pearls in the Princesse collection.  This means the quality will remain constant throughout the years as you buy it, guaranteeing you end with an heirloom quality strand of pearls.

    2.  You control the final look of the necklace.  Whether you choose to have all the pearls the same size or whether you wish to graduate them, the choice is yours.  Either way, you will have created a customized necklace for your loved one.

    3.  Tradition.  Many families now are seeing third and fourth generation girls receiving Princesse Pearls from their grandmothers, as their mothers and their mother's mother did before them. This is a great way to share with each other and to create a shared experience each will remember for the rest of their lives.

    4.  Value over time.  As stated earlier, these pearls are of the finest quality.  That means when the strand is complete, it will be of the finest quality as well.  This allows guests to own an exceptional pearl necklace with the ability to spread the cost out over years.

    How do I start a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    sub_masthead_image_top_right_14It is rather easy to start a necklace, as Princesse Pearl provides multiple starter choices.  Whether you wish to start with one pearl or 3 to 7, they will have the size you need.  In addition, they also will create a custom starter for you with the size(s) and quantity of pearls you would like.  To determine which is right for you, consider these questions:

    1.  Do you wish it to be graduated or all one size?  Most people opt for the single size of pearls on a strand.  However, if you want the strand to have a little more design to it, perhaps a graduated one is for you.

    2.  How many will it take to complete it?  Once you know what size you want, it is best to consider how many it will take to complete the necklace.  Your jeweler can estimate this for you based on the final length you wish to achieve.  This will help you budget how many per year you will need to get to make sure it is completed within the time you would like.  Remember:  The smaller they are, the more you will need.  For an 18" 5.5-6 mm necklace, you will use between 60-70 pearls.

    3.  Will you have help available to complete it?  If other family members are willing to help (and you are willing to let them), you will want to consider this in your budget of time to completion.  Sometimes, enlisting aid will be a great way to get the family involved in a very special gift for a loved one.

    4.  When do you expect to complete it?  Many people fail to think this one through....and it is really the most important question of the bunch.  It is best to set a deadline, though it is years in the future, so it will be complete when you want to gift it.  Some important dates that are used:  16th, 18th, and 21st birthdays.

    Whatever you decide, with care and thought, you will be giving a gift that will not only have great value, but will also be cherished for her lifetime.

    How do I add to a Princesse Pearl necklace?

    lydia-1This is the easiest part!!  Day's carries all sizes of the Princesse Pearls from 3.5 mm to 7.5 mm in each store year round.  You can always find the one you need.  No need to bring the necklace in each time either.  Day's will keep your starter necklace purchase on file forever...we will always know which ones you need and are ready to provide it!  In addition to that, Day's will add them on when you purchase the necklace and additional pearls here - stringing your pearls is free once you have 5 or more loose pearls to be added.  All you need to do is come in and tell us how many you need.  What could be easier?

    Princesse Pearl necklaces are a great way to build memories and traditions in a family.  Few other pieces of jewelry can boast the sentiment of a strand of pearls chosen by hand.  What better gift is there to give a daughter or granddaughter?

    Day’s newest addition, Lydia Katherine modeling a Princesse Pearl necklace.
    Lydia is the Granddaughter of Day’s Jewelers owners Jeff & Kathy Corey.





  • Forevermark and The Great Wall

    It's not everyday that a proposal takes place in a foriegn country that Day's gets to be part of! Below Elsie and Griffin share their experience of going to the Great Wall and working with Day's Jewelers to find the perfect engagement ring (nice work Griffin!).

    Elsie's magical day:

    When planning the trip to Korea, we made sure to keep the Great Wall on the list of "must see".  As we rode up the chair lift through the haze we could see the wall becoming more clear. And when we finally walked out it was surreal. We had to keep telling ourselves where we were and how amazing it was to really be standing on such a historic site.  At the top of a small mound in the wall our tour guide said that would be a great spot for a picture.  As we posed, Griffin pulled out a small box. It was too small for a ring, so that thought was quickly ruled out.  Inside the box though, was a golden snitch, which was such a thoughtful gift for any Harry Potter fan.  It was actually a locket I had been hinting towards. It wasn't until I opened the locket when I saw the "will you marry me" inscribed. And as I read it, Griffin knelt down with the ring.  Neither of us can remember what we said, but I did manage to say yes. The day that seemed to be unreal became a fairy tale. It really wasn't until we were riding down on the toboggans that I had a chance to look at how beautiful and perfect the ring was.



    Griffin's story of finding the perfect engagement ring:

    Looking back over the experience of searching for the perfect ring, I am so thankful for the exceptional personal attention and advice I received. When I first walked in to the Day's Jewelers in Bangor, I was nervous and unsure of what I was even looking for. I'm sure April noticed my confusion because she kindly and patiently assisted me on the multiple occasions I visited the store. I initially just browsed, trying to get an idea but I was soon looking to pick out the perfect engagement ring! April took the time to explain to me the 4 C's of diamonds and helped show me the quality diamonds from Forevermark.  She also took the time to explain the way the De Beers Group did business and I knew I wanted to support this company!  After looking through the case, we were able to pick out the perfect diamond, that just sparkled in the light and I knew it was the one.

    The more challenging choice to make was the right setting. I had some idea of what I wanted but April took the time to pull out ring after ring until we found the perfect one! I knew I wanted the ring to be one of a kind, and the rose gold stood out as a beautiful color. The diamond could not be set in the store that day because of the color, but April and I exchanged emails and spoke over the logistics of how I would be able to get it half way across the world. I could not ask for a better experience in the Day's Jewelers store and the staff were just so wonderful!  They were so helpful that being stationed thousands of miles away, we were still able to communicate and get the ring fitted perfectly for the big day.

    I am amazed how beautiful the ring turned out and when I first got the pictures, April said they did not do it justice!  She was so right!  On that special day on the Great Wall of China, that ring absolutely sparkled on Elsie's finger and I was so happy everything had worked out to plan!

    Thanks again April and the Day's Jeweler's Staff! ~Elsie Mason & Griffin LeClair


  • Wedding Band Weekend

    Facebook_SouthPortlandWBWI thought finding a wedding band to fit my engagement ring was going to be a tough process… boy was I wrong!   Last year I received the most beautiful engagement ring that had lots of detail.  I was overwhelmed by how beautiful the ring was!  I immediately started looking for the perfect wedding band to complete the look.  I happened to be in the mall one day so I stopped into a chain jeweler to try on wedding bands.  I did not like any of their selection.  It was all cookie cutter and basic.   Later that day I heard an ad on the radio about Wedding Band Weekend at Day’s Jewelers.  I was so excited! Over 3000 wedding bands in one store at one time!  Paired with food, beverage, photographers and many more wedding day vendors, it sounded like a great opportunity to check many tasks off my wedding to do list!  My fiancé and I went to Day’s Jewelers the first day of the show.  I couldn’t believe how many options there were for wedding bands.  We browsed through different bridal designer lines and even got to talk to the owner of Timeless Designs.  That was so cool!  It was like meeting a jewelry designer celebrity. I fell in love with a band that fit my engagement ring perfectly! Both my fiancé and I picked out platinum bands that will last a lifetime. We were so happy with the whole experience.  That day I even got to pick out all my bridal attendant gifts and my wedding jewelry.  Day’s has so many beautiful and affordable options.  Now that the wedding is over and all the stress has passed, every time I look down at my wedding set I love it more and more!  The flowers and cake are gone that day, but I’ll have my wedding band forever. 

    BoostedPostWBWTips I learned that day at Wedding Band Weekend:

    1) Plan to order your wedding bands at least 6 months in advance if possible.  This will give you an ample amount of time to pick your perfect match and have it special ordered in plenty of time for the wedding.  No last minute rushes adding more stress to your time leading up to the wedding!

    2) Go with platinum!  Platinum is pure, rare and eternal.  Platinum will last a lifetime.  It wears so much better than gold and will withstand many memories and life experience!

    3) Day’s Jewelers has awesome prices!  We got a special discount at the show and stayed within our budget.  Budgeting is a big part of wedding planning.  Don’t skimp on your wedding band budget.  Flowers and cake only last one day.  You will wear your wedding bands forever.


  • Sparkly Guide to Engagement Rings

    What's Your Style?

    Shopping for engagement rings can be a daunting task. A good place to start is to ask yourself or significant other what their favorite style is. This guide can be a good chart to help showcase and point out what you are drawn to visually. Bring the favorites from this chart in to your local Day's and we can help you start the journey to purchasing the perfect engagement ring!

    From Classic to Whimsy, we have the style for you!

    Shop: Classic, Fancy, Vintage, Rose, Unique, Modern, Whimsical


    Shop: Classic, Fancy, Vintage, Rose, Unique, Modern, Whimsical
    Day’s Jewelers offers hundreds of different styles of settings to mount the center diamond of your choice. If you are looking for a diamond, Day’s Jewelers has certified Diamontologists who would be happy to search our vast inventory to find options that would be most appropriate for your setting, personal style and budget. Having a hard time finding the perfect style? With our exceptional in-house goldsmiths, we can also work with you to create a custom made ring. We are proud to offer some of the most popular designer collections such as Forevermark, ArtCarved, Martin Flyer and Ritani. Shop our entire engagement collection here.

    We would love to know your style. Comment on our post with your style title and #1-#4 favorite, for example: "Unique #2!" or "Classic #1". Still have more questions? Contact our Personal Shoppers!



  • Q & A with Designer Keith Jack

    image276We had the pleasure of being able to spend some time with designer, Keith Jack and ask him some important questions about his beautiful celtic jewelry.

    Q. Keith, the majority of your collections have a beautiful story behind the design.  What inspires the celtic jewelry design behind each collection?

    A. There are no hard and fast rules, sometimes the design part comes to me first and after working with it for a while the story starts to take shape – other times the idea comes first and generates the design concept.

    Q. We are in love with the window to the soul collection, and others.  The collection is described as a reminder that your soul is what binds your physical self to the spiritual world needing to be nourished with an open heart and mind. What is the meaning behind the physical design of the collection? How do the shapes and design elements represent the meaning behind these collections?

    A. There is quite a lot going on with this design. Firstly the knot we are using is called the eternity knot – a knot with no beginning or end. The gold colour inside represents our soul glowing from within us all. Making it double sided shows completeness. It’s also important to me that each piece feels good. I would like people to wear my jewellery as an every day “go to” piece. So, it should feel good and have great quality chains, etc. I will very often add weight to a piece so it feels good and hangs correctly. It’s not so much about price, it’s more about a piece I’d be proud to make and you’d be proud to wear.

    Q. Tell me, what is your process in determining the meaning behind a collection, such as the tree of life, window to the soul and the cradle of life collection.

    A. With the tree of life, the idea came first. I love trees and as a little kid spent endless days drawing trees, desert islands and Pirate ships – the trees have worked out well. The tree of life is an extremely powerful and simple symbol you will find in almost any culture you care to look at- the idea was there before I started the first drawing. With the window to the soul collection the design came first and almost at the same time the story. The cradle of life was more like an experiment with design that evolved into something of beauty and became a story. The trinity knot in this design is an ancient Irish symbol representing the 3 stages of life – Maiden – Mother – Wise Woman.

    Gentspendants2013Q. Once you have a plan for a collection what are the next steps to bring a collection to life? Once you have an inspiration, how does a collection come together, fitting all of the pieces into the overall story?

    A. I usually start off with the intention of designing the main focal piece of a collection and then building around it. Sometimes I will have more than one piece I love and so the collection is going to be larger – like the window to the soul collection. The first two pieces were the NGPDS1899 and the NGPDS1900. The dragon fly collection is completely different however and I have found it hard to add anything until now. SPOILER ALERT: There will be a bracelet sometime later this year to go with this collection.

    Q. Do the materials chosen for the design support the meaning behind a collection?

    A. I love working with Gold and Silver. I especially love two tone designs, so silver with solid gold highlights tend to make the design element “Pop” Where there is a traditional Celtic element I often add it in gold to draw attention to it.

    Q. The stories behind your collections often come from the Celtic world, how did you find these beautiful tales?

    A. My mothers family originated in the Shetland Isles – the most Northerly  point of Scotland. As a young child I spent many summer holidays there with my younger sister. Back in those days there were no TV’s in those remote areas. The days were spent playing outside until you exhausted yourself or it got too cold. The evenings were long ( being so far North) with the sun barely setting before it would start rising again. It was called Summer Dim. We spent evenings inside drawing pictures, listening to songs and stories told by local folk and family, in front of a peat fire. There were lots of stories. I still draw on this incredible reservoir for inspiration.

    Q. What is your favorite part of the design process?

    A. There’s nothing better than seeing the first piece of a collection take shape on the paper in front of me. When it gets to a certain point, it generates an energy of its own, then it gets exciting.

    Q. Can you provide us with some sketches of your process/design process?

    A. I do all the original drawings by hand, going back and forth many times till I am happy with the final result. Some then go to a CAD designer for 3d modeling, while the hand made pieces go directly to wax carvers for the modeling. Sometimes we make 3 or 4 models before I am happy to go ahead with production. On the odd occasion the project ends at this point waiting for some future inspiration to take it further.

    keithjack1Thank you Keith for taking the time to share your design work and process with Day's Jewelers and all your fans!

    We are also so grateful to share with our fans a sketch of a not yet released design that will be part of the tree of life collection. We hope to see this beautiful pendant mid-Spring!




  • Walking Down the Aisle, From Mrs. Forcier

    finalblog_2.25.15-01Our wedding was an absolute dream. Not to brag, but everything that I had been planning for months came together perfectly. Every guest left with full bellies, sore feet, and ear-to-ear grins – the sure combination of a good time! Our venue, Hardy Farm, was picture-perfect for our winter wedding. It allowed for us to easily transition from waking up, to getting ready, walking down the aisle, taking pictures, dancing, eating, and then having a night cap around the fire without ever having to get in a car. I can’t possibly imagine doing it any differently. Without going on and on about all of the amazing details of our day, I have put together a list of the most important things made my day complete:

    1. Family help: Both of our mothers took on the grunt of the set-up and take-down. They were both the masterminds behind centerpieces, decorations, our cute birch bench “guest book”, and our rustic bar. Both family truly came together to make our day as easy on us as possible and I could not possibly thank them enough – what a relief for me that was!
    2. Perfect bridesmaids: Each and every one of my bridesmaids became best friends by the end of the weekend. This was truly special for me – friends from every stage of my life coming together so easily! I knew that I was lucky to have each one of them in my life beforehand (that’s why I chose them!), but having their love and support on my day kept me entertained and stress-free.
    3. Wedding coordinator: We used Kevin Ouellette from Amazing DJ Music to be our wedding coordinator, photographer, and DJ.  We planned every minute of the day so that I never had to worry about what was going to happen next – he already had everything in place. I HIGHLY recommend having a wedding coordinator. To top it off, Kevin was the life of the dance party and kept every single person on their feet all night long!
    4. Venue: Hardy Farm is quickly becoming one of the most popular barns in New England to get married at and it is so easy to see why. Like I said, we had everything in one place, which made our guests feel like they were able to relax and have a good time from start to finish. They were able to mingle in the farmhouse while snacking on delicious appetizers and then get back to the dance party without missing a beat. Per-fect.
    5. Food: There is nothing worse than that ‘hangry’ feeling you get when your stomach is not adequately filled. Our cocktail style wedding gave people ample options for ways to fuel up. Good Food Company out of Bethel did an amazing job walking around with platters of fresh, local, delicious food and then leaving them on display for people to pick at throughout the night. They even made a special delivery to the bridal suite when I needed some snacks! Whew!!

    finalblog_2.25.15-03All in all, we could not be happier. If I had to go back and start from square one I would not do anything differently. I put my whole heart into planning this day and with the help of Todd and our families, it showed it every detail. My hope was that our guests would leave with a greater understanding of what love is, and I truly believe that they all did. A wedding is perfect if love is in the room - and love was pouring out of Hardy Farm on February 28, 2015.

    Thank you for going on this journey with me. I wish you the best on your own!

    -Mrs. Forcier



  • Wedding Week Craziness

    wedding_crazyness_2.25.15-01This weekend, Todd and I will be tying the knot and walking away as Mr. and Mrs. Forcier! We are both so eager to reach this point in our lives. Not only because we are madly in love and cannot wait to celebrate our union, but also because wedding planning has consumed all of our spare time for the past few months and we are ready to relax. The final stretch is here … everything is ordered, prepared, reserved. The final week is all about getting together the last minute necessities. Since our wedding is a full weekend of celebration away from our home, we have a list of things to remember to pack and to have prepared before we head off. Luckily, we have an amazing dog sitter that is staying at our place with our pups so we can focus entirely on the wedding (thanks Patti!). I’ve put together a list to hopefully help brides in similar circumstances as myself, but also to help us while we pack our bags:

    1. Make a list! This is my number one point of advice for any seemingly daunting task, but when thinking about what you need to pack for your wedding weekend this is a must! Our list includes our wedding bands, outfits, gifts, groceries, jewelry, decorations, centerpieces, phone chargers, binders, etc... Having something in front of you that you can check off as you pack the car helps save you from those moments of panic on your big day!
    2. wedding_crazyness_2.25.15-03Figure out the food! With over 30 guests staying the entire weekend with us, we have a lot of mouths to feed. Our rehearsal dinner will be a yummy Flatbread Pizza feast for all, and then the day of will be lots of finger foods. Bagels, muffins, oatmeal for breakfast and vegetables for lunch.  While all of the girls are working on looking their best, you know they are going to be hungry! Finger foods are easy to grab between curls J
    3. Make sure everyone is on board! I have had to remind myself a couple of times that everyone else doesn’t know what is going on in my head. Keep your guests updated – especially the ones that are going to be there through it all helping you with decorating and organizing!
    4. Breathe! Everything is going to go wonderfully. After you are done obsessing over every detail and checking off the last item on your list, take a step back and breathe. This is going to be one of the best days of your life!

    The next time I write I will be officially Mrs. Forcier. My heart is so happy writing that! I can’t wait to share a few photos!


    About our Wedding Blogger: 

    Cassie Cooper is documenting the planning of her Winter Wedding in February 2015 with the Day’s Jewelers Bridal Blog. Cassie is from Augusta, Maine and her fiancé Todd is from Rochester, New Hampshire. The two met in Portland the summer of 2012. Cassie will be sharing the details of what it is like to plan a winter wedding in Maine. A new post from Cassie will be posted every other Wednesday. Learn more about Cassie and Todd.




  • Wedding Excitement

    wedding_excitement_2-11-15-01Over the past year, I have been swept up in the exciting and emotional journey of wedding planning. With our big date just a couple of weeks away now, I want to take the opportunity to step back and share with you what I have learned about myself through this process.

    I feel blessed beyond belief to be living the life of my dreams: I am marrying a man that is my best friend and life companion, I am the mother to three incredible fur-babies that light up my world, I have a loving and supportive family and have gained an equally special one, and my dearest friends show me daily how lucky we are to have such strong bonds in our lives. Now that our wedding planning is essentially complete and I no longer have to stress about the details, I can appreciate what I am most excited for:

    • Spending the weekend with ALL of my favorite people
    • Having my hair and make-up done, making me feel like a winter princess
    • Putting on my wedding dress and feeling completely confident in my skin
    • Seeing college girlfriends that I have not hugged in far too long
    • Sharing the wedding month of February with my favorite couple: my Grammie & Poppa
    • Seeing Todd’s reaction as I walk down the aisle to him
    • Having my dad declare Todd and I husband and wife
    • Dancing the night away with friends and family in the lightly lit beauty of Hardy Farm
    • Cozying up to the fireplace at the end of the night with my husband


    wedding_excitement_2-11-15-04The list could go on and on, but what I am reminded is what I truly value about our wedding weekend. I have spent all of this time ensuring that every detail is perfect (which has been SO much fun and is imperative in order to have a smooth day), but at the end of it all, our day is going to be perfect because it is the people that make it so.

    Until next time,


    About our Wedding Blogger: 

    Cassie Cooper is documenting the planning of her Winter Wedding in February 2015 with the Day’s Jewelers Bridal Blog. Cassie is from Augusta, Maine and her fiancé Todd is from Rochester, New Hampshire. The two met in Portland the summer of 2012. Cassie will be sharing the details of what it is like to plan a winter wedding in Maine. A new post from Cassie will be posted every other Wednesday. Learn more about Cassie and Todd.


  • Day's Jewelers Office Manager Enters Real Maine Weddings Contest!

    randy_and_aliciaOur very own Day's Brunswick, Office Manager, Randy and her partner Alicia have entered to win the Real Maine Weddings, that will be taking place in Bethel this year. Please read why they want to have their Maine wedding in Bethel below and watch their video.

    "Every little girl dreams of her wedding day from the dress to the flowers right down the smallest detail and this was no different for Alicia and I.

    Since our engagement in April of 2013, we have been trying to plan our perfect and most memorable day, but planning a wedding is no easy task. Fortunately, Alicia and I have had very similar ideas as to our perfect day. We both love the idea of having an outdoor, fall, Maine wedding surrounded by all our friends and family that have supported us. However, as time went on our date was pushed back and our budget became smaller. We agreed that the most important aspect was to have as much family present as possible, more important than the perfect bouquet or the just the right song. Due to our budget our guest list was becoming shorter and shorter until Alicia found the Real Maine Weddings Contest to win our dream wedding!

    An amazing opportunity was placed in front of us and we went for it! We quickly made a short 2 minute video about why we would want our dream wedding in Bethel, Maine and what that would mean to us.


    250-800Bethel has always felt a little like home to Alicia. She grew up in Rumford which is not to far from Bethel and for many years, Alicia’s mom worked at Sunday River at the Grand Summit Hotel as a housekeeper. Unfortunately, Alicia’s mom lost her battle with cancer in 2005 and missed the birth of Alicia’s little boy Calvin. For Alicia, having our wedding in Bethel would be like having her mother present for one of the most memorable moments in her life.

    For me having our wedding in Bethel is all about my family and friends. I have a rather large and ever growing family. My family has always been incredibly supportive of me and all my endeavors. Coming out to my family was by far one of the hardest thing I have ever had to do, but my family has always been by my side. I do not know what I would do without them."

    We wish them the best of luck. We will be supporting them along the way during this contest. Please share, vote, and share again this beautiful story and this beautiful couples wish to win the Real Maine Weddings, Bethel Wedding this year!

    The voting will end on March 7, 2014 at midnight. Three finalists will be chosen on March 8 to compete in the final round of voting, which will take place from March 15-22, 2014. You must register in order to vote. Once you register, you will be able to vote once a day per video. You will be able to cast your vote once each video is done playing.



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Day's Jewelers requires suppliers to provide a written warranty, for every diamond purchased, that it was acquired from non-conflict sources. Furthermore, as a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Day's is committed to supporting and promoting the highest level of social, ethical and environmental responsibility in our communities and in the areas of the world where our products are sourced. Learn more...


If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


Your jewelry purchased from Day's Jewelers is warranted for a lifetime against defects in materials and craftsmanship. To be eligible for this warranty, your piece of jewelry must be inspected at any Day's store at least once every six months. If you should live in an area where there is no Day's store located, we would be happy to recommend a reputable jeweler to perform the required semi-annual inspections. Day's also offers a low cost extended care plan that covers normal wear and tear of items not deemed as defective.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.