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  • The Hercules Knot: The Story Behind the Everlon Design

    dsqt0503_1-resized-600.jpgThe Everlon Diamond Knot jewelry collection is one of the most popular trends in jewelry today. The Everlon diamond Knot design is an artistic representation of the Hercules Knot - one of the strongest knots that can be tied.  According to the Ancient Romans, this knot was tied around the waist of a new bride and only her husband had the privilege to untie it.  A symbol for love and strength, this design is meant to bring happiness to its wearer. Knots are meant to be binding, just as the marriage of a man and woman is.

    dptd0048_1jilledit-resized-600.jpgEverlon has added a stylish new element to the traditional knot.  By including a diamond at the center of the knot, Everlon has created not only a symbolic masterpiece, but a piece of art as well. The diamond is the strongest gemological material known to man and by placing it in the center of the knot, it only grows stronger.  Everlon offers products in Sterling silver, White Gold and Yellow Gold as well as rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Representing the unbreakable bond of love between a man and a woman, the  Diamond Knot Collection is sure to please.

    What is your favorite piece from the collection?


  • How to Clean Gemstone and Pearl Jewelry

    How to Clean your Gemstone Jewelry

    Gemstone jewelry should be worn and enjoyed. Yet, like anything precious to us, it should be treated gently and with respect.

    • Cleaning jewelry with Day’s Jewelry Cleaner or with mild dish soap in warm water is the best way to keep your jewelry clean at home.
    • You can use a toothbrush to scrub behind the stone where dust, dirt and soap film may collect.

    How to Clean your Pearl Jewelry

    jerpl1108b When cleaning your pearl jewelry, we suggest wiping pearls with a soft cloth after you wear them. This will ensure they remain free of harmful build-up of these compounds.

    • Always keep your pearl jewelry separated from gemstone, diamond and gold jewelry items to prevent them from being scratched.
    • Pearls are best kept in a soft cloth pouch or a soft lined jewelry box.

    jpl240071If you wear your pearls often, they should be restrung about once a year to prevent strand breakage. The thread should be knotted between each pearl to prevent all the pearls in a strand from falling off should a break occur. Individual knotting also prevents possible damage from pearls from rubbing together.

    If you are ever out and about, stop by your local jeweler or Day’s store and we would be more than happy to buff, clean and inspect your pearl and gemstone jewelry at no cost, any time.


  • Tips for Prom and Bridal Jewelry and Accessories

    Stuck on what accessories for prom or bridal jewelry to wear?

    Prom and Bridal Jewelry and Accessory Ideas 

    • nsyes0299Dangle Earrings when your hair is down; a great way to still be able to wear earrings and everyone can see them.
    • Lariat Necklaces  for low cut and v-necks dresses; allows you to create a great symmetry.
    • Pearls are a great classic look; you can even spice it up with some colored pearls to match a prom dress or add something blue to your wedding day.
    • Cubic Zirconia's are also a classic look; you can add some bling without putting a dent in your pocket. Wear a pair of  studs and a solitaire pendant or more elaborate necklaces.
    • When you need "something blue" try adding a pair of blue diamond earrings or blue diamond necklace to your wedding day.

    Men's Jewelry and Accessories for Prom and Wedding Day

    • ngclk0169Cuff links are the quickest and easiest way to add some style to your attire. They come in all sizes and shapes. Choose the best that fits your look and feel.
    • Tie Tacks also add some style; make sure if you have cuff links and a tie tack that they are the same metal color.

    There are many options for your prom and wedding day jewelry. We would be happy to give you personalized recommendations at any time.

    Questions or Comments:


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  • What's the difference: Miss Chamilia and Chamilia Beads?

    What is the difference between Miss Chamilia and Chamilia? Let us tell you...
    Chamilia Beads has launched a line for little girls, called Miss Chamilia. It is designed for girls who love to express their own style. It’s fashion and fun together in one. It’s an easy and fun way to create the perfect gift your "miss chamilia."

    We know that the difference between Chamilia and Miss Chamilia can be confusing. So, we want to clear some information up for you!

    Any bead or bracelet that is "Chamilia" will be too big for the "Miss Chamilia" Beads. Just as, all the "Miss Chamilia" beads must be put on a "Miss Chamila" bracelet, as the beads are too small for the "Chamilia" bracelets.

    "Miss Chamilia" Bracelets come in sizes 6", 6.7" and 7.1" so your little miss chamilia can enjoy her bracelet for many ages.

    Our "Chamilia" Bracelets come in sizes 6" up to 8.7" and there is anklets & necklaces available to showcase your Chamilia Beads.

    miss_chamiliaCheck out the Miss Chamilia Bead Line


    Or shop our Chamilia Bead Line


    As always, if you have questions about your bead jewelry, or anything in your jewelry box, let us know!


  • Is Reactor Watch Right for You?

    The REACTOR Watch...

    I first met Jimmy Olmes at the jewelry show in Las Vegas 3 years ago. The entrepreneur recounted a fascinating story of how he invented Reactor watches. He is one of the most passionate and tenacious men I know.

    Jimmy spent 20 years of his life creating and building the Freestyle watch line which was an inexpensive timepiece used primarily by surfing enthusiasts. Jimmy sold the company and in 2002 set out to build the “best performance sports watch on the planet”…REACTOR.

    In 2003, REACTOR was born. After spending 2 hours with Jimmy, I knew this was a watch line I wanted in all Day’s stores. Here are a few features of REACTOR and why it is a great watch for anyone:

    • wreg0037Superluminova is the material most often used to make a watch dial light up in darkness. It is very bright early in the evening, but fades as the night wears on.
    • Tritium is another material used to light up a watch dial. It is not as bright as Superluminova, but does not fade.
    • REACTOR’s “Never Dark” technology features both materials on watch dials.
    • The average watch bracelet will separate from the watch with more than 20 pounds of pressure. The REACTOR watch bracelet will withstand over 200 pounds.
    • REACTOR's Poseidon dive watch goes up to 1000M
    • REACTOR's Graviton, has 275 of North America's premiere fishing locales pre-programmed, moon phase, sunrise and sunset indicators as well as a tidal flow graph for a quick check of the tidal state.

    wreg0041Learn more about the story behind this amazing timepiece here.

    Father’s Day, Graduation, birthday or just beacause…..a REACTOR watch is a great gift because it will last a lifetime.

    Please feel free to email me any time with your questions.

    Jeff Corey,

  • Diamond Engagement Ring Prices

    Why do those little things cost so much?

    Those who don’t understand diamonds will often wonder why something so small costs so much. Buying a diamond engagement ring, or diamond promise ring is a big step. We want to give you some information to help you when making this big purchase.

    Information on Diamonds:

    • Diamonds are the smallest, rarest, most transportable form of wealth known to mankind.
    • Nothing else has consistently increased in value over the years as have diamonds.Even during times of economic depression, diamonds have always appreciated in value.
    • There is no other purchase you can make that can be cherished and enjoyed from generation to generation and still look as beautiful it did the first day.
    • Diamond is the hardest substance on Earth. It will survive earthquakes, volcanoes, catastrophic fires, and even nuclear explosions. It is no wonder why diamonds are the symbol of eternal love.
    • Diamond cutters are among the world’s most skilled artisans. Just imagine the patience and understanding necessary to perfectly place 58 facets, with painstaking accuracy, into a substance so small and so hard.
    • Diamond cutters will often apprentice for up to 10 years before attempting to cut a one carat diamond.
    • Less than 20% of diamonds mined are of a quality suitable enough to place in jewelry.

    diamondshoppingWe've put together a diamond comparision sheet that has the information you need to shop and compare diamonds. You can even use the document to compare us with other retailers while diamond shopping. We realize that purchasing a diamond engagement ring or diamond promise ring is a serious decision and incredibly meaningful purchase in a person's life and want to make it as successful and easy for you as possible.


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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.


Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.