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  • Top 10 Gifts for the College Graduate

    “What is a good gift for a college graduate?”

    That was the question that came up when I was out at dinner with friends a few weeks ago. With a niece and cousin graduating from college in a couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking a lot about that question.

    While a high school graduation gift is often something practical—a computer, dorm bedding, money for books—a college graduation gift should have sentiment attached to it.

    Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. A lot of time, hard work, determination, and dedication gets a graduate to where they are. It should be celebrated with a gift the graduate will have for a lifetime. Jewelry really is the perfect gift for such an occasion.

    Here are our top 10 gifts for the college graduate:

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    1. Hers: Diamond Stud Earrings $399

    deqt0115_1_1 Northern Star 1/4 carat total weight diamond stud earrings in 14kt white gold

    Diamond stud earrings are an essential part of any women’s jewelry box. Diamonds represent strength, eternity, and ever-lasting love. They are a great way to tell your graduate that you love her.

    2. Hers: Diamond Necklace $499

    Northern Star Eternal Fire Diamond Necklace in 14kt White Gold

    When your graduate is getting ready for her first day in her first job, she should have a beautiful diamond necklace to finish off her professional outfit. A diamond necklace is a basic that will compliment any outfit. When she looks in the mirror before heading out the door, she will see the necklace and think of the family that supports her as she makes her way out in the world.

    3. Hers: Path of Life Necklace $210

    Keith Jack Path of Life Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Gold

    “As you set off on the path of life, do not surrender to the unexpected twists and turns. Remember that this journey follows the route of your choosing and when you listen to your heart you will always find your way home.” The Path of Life necklace from Designer Keith Jack reminds your graduate that the life they are about to embark on may have trials and tribulations, but they can always find their way home.

    4. His: Movado Watch $795

    Movado Museum Classic Mens Watch with Blue Dial and Stainless Steel Bracelet

    5. Hers: Reactor Watch $450

    Reactor Curie Womens Watch with White Mother of Pearl Dial and Stainless Steel and Yellow Gold Tone Bracelet

    A watch is a great gift for any graduate. A professional, polished upscale watch will set your graduate out the door for their first day of work looking and feeling put together. Many styles can be engraved with a message on the case back, so your graduate can be reminded every day how special they are to you.

    6. His: Cuff Links $129

    Cuff Links in Sterling Silver

    7. His: Engravable Tie Bar $59

    Engraveable Mens Tie Bar in Sterling Silver

    8. His: Cross Necklace $220

    Keith Jack Celtic Cross Necklace in Sterling Silver and 10kt Yellow Gold

    9. His: Gold Bracelet $499

    Figaro Bracelet in 14kt Yellow Gold

    Men are hard to shop for, and the college graduate is no exception! Select a piece of jewelry to add to his professional wardrobe. Cuff links, tie bars, and money clips are usually engravable. Add his initials to personalize his gift. A cross, a dog tag necklace, or a Figaro necklace or bracelet are also great gift ideas.

    10. Hers: Compass Rose Necklace $149

    Mariners Compass Rose Necklace in Sterling Silver

    The Mariner's Compass Rose will remind your graduate that life is a journey where they are navigators of their destiny, while their internal compass keeps them on course through all of their passages in life. This necklace also comes in yellow gold plate.


  • Top 10 Places in Maine for your Engagement Photos

    Guest post by Cuppa Photography:

    Maine boasts an astounding array of stunning locations for engagement photography sessions. From the rocky coastline studded with picturesque lighthouses to the deep woods of the northern forests and western mountains, from quaint fishing villages to gritty city alleyways, there is something to reflect every couple.

    Here are my top ten favorite locations for engagement sessions in Maine:

    1. The Coast

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-001 DaysJewelersGuestPost-002

    The Maine coast is world famous for its beauty. Whether you choose a sandy beach to stroll along hand-in-hand or embrace the more rugged rocky shores, there is no shortage of coastline to fit every palette.


    Sandy beaches: Popham, Higgins, Willard, Goose Rocks, Reid, Sand Beach (Acadia)

    Rocky shores: Two Lights, Reid, Orr Island, Acadia, Jasper, Deer Isle, Fort Williams, Wolfe’s Neck


    1. Gritty Urban Settings

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-003 DaysJewelersGuestPost-004

    Don’t be dismayed by the grittiness to be found in back alleys and working docks. The rough edges of these sorts of locations create a pleasing juxtaposition to the warmth of the love story you are sharing. It also lends itself to a feeling of a private moment being captured and can take on a candid feel.


    Any urban center! Portland, Bangor, Lewiston, Augusta…wander the streets and keep your eyes peeled for the “in-between” places.


    1. Parks

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-005 DaysJewelersGuestPost-006

    Maine is brimming over with fantastic parks, from small city parks to the acclaimed Acadia National Park. Scattered across the state are 36 official state parks, from the miniscule Bradbury Mountain to the enormous Baxter, each with its own distinct feel. Don’t overlook the parks local to your area- they are treasures when it comes to engagement sessions, many with more than one sort of setting to make use of!


    Fort Williams, Mount Blue, Rangeley, Vaughn Woods, Wolfe’s Neck, Lamoine, Acadia, Camden Hills


    1. Historic Urban Settings

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-007 DaysJewelersGuestPost-008

    On the flip side of the gritty alleyways of Maine’s urban centers is the historic old New England feel that many boast. Old seaports with cobbled streets, the brick and stone and clapboard of early America, Maine has it all.


    Any urban center! Portland, Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, Auburn


    1. Forest

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-009 DaysJewelersGuestPost-010

    From the great North Woods to the forested woodlots around every corner, trees are as much a part of Maine as it’s famous coastline is. Look for lush undergrowth through the summer months or the resplendent foliage of autumn, or even the woody bare openness of the winter woods.


    Any of Maine’s state parks will offer a variety of wooded backdrops, or simply keep your eye out as you drive your local backroads. They don’t call Maine the Pine Tree State for nothing!


    1. Mountains

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-011 DaysJewelersGuestPost-012

    While looking out over Maine’s famous coastline, it can be easy to forget that the Appalachian Range of mountains extends up along the western side of our fair state. Don’t underestimate these mountains as a backdrop for your engagement session. Or choose something closer to the lakes region or even the coast. You won’t be sorry to include these views in your session.


    Sunday River ski resort or the Artist’s Bridge in Bethel/Newry, Sugarloaf or Saddleback ski areas, Baxter State Park, Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island, the Camden Hills


    1. Farmland

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-013 DaysJewelersGuestPost-014

    Maine is dotted with working farms, many open to the public. With open space, rustic barnwood, and plenty of winding dirt tractor paths, farms can be a wonderful location for your engagement session. Be sure to check that the farm is open to the public or get permission before planning your session there.


    Pineland Farm, Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Laudholm Farm on the Wells Reserve


    1. Seasonal Wonderland

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-015 DaysJewelersGuestPost-016

    Make the most of whatever season you are in when it comes time to shoot your engagement session! Couples often want to wait for the warm summer months for their sessions, but there is beauty to every season in Maine, and even the coldest months can be ideal for a great engagement shoot!


    Head to the mountains or the lakes region (Sebago, Rangely, Moosehead) to capture the peak foliage on the fall, or try a cozy Christmas tree farm in the snow mid-winter


    1. Small Towns

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-017 DaysJewelersGuestPost-018

    Maine’s small towns boast charm unmatched anywhere else in the United States. Each enjoys it’s own special “claim to fame” and capturing a bit of that identity can set your engagement session apart.


    Rockport’s art scene and famous breakwater, Kennebunkport’s charming shops and old homes, Stonington’s lobster boats and picturesque public library, Wiscasset’s antiques


    1. Lighthouses

    DaysJewelersGuestPost-019 DaysJewelersGuestPost-020

    Maine’s rugged coastline is studded with some of the world’s most picturesque lighthouses. For many out-of-state couples, shooting their engagement session at one of these lends and iconic Maine feel to their images.


    Cape Neddick Light, Portland Head Light, Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Spring Point Ledge Light, Rockland Breakwater Light, Bass Harbor Light, West Quoddy Head Light

  • toDAY'S Runway : Featuring April

    toDAYSrunway-01Happy Birthday April! Lucky you, your birthstone is DIAMOND. This fits you perfectly, you sparkle and shine all day, every day. Enjoy a little diamond fashion inspo for YOUR month!



  • When you are waiting to open up your Day's Blue Box...

  • 100 Years of Engagement Rings

    Find your dream ring at Day's Jewelers

  • A Ober Gatlinburg Tennessee Slope Proposal

    A guest post from Jacquelyn sharing her story of how Cody proposed:

    Cody and I live in a small town in Florida and became Day's customers from Pinterest! Cody asked me months before he proposed to send him a picture of something I liked and I found Day's on Pinterest and found my dream ring. Cody called and purchased the ring over the phone!

    Cody had been planning a trip to Gatlinburg with my sister and a few of our closest friends for a while, I had NO idea what was in store for us while we were there though! On February 14th, we got up bright and early to go skiing at the Ober ski resort, I was terrified because I have never skied and I am not the most coordinated person. (LOL) it was also Cody's first time but of course he was a natural!

    After practicing on the bunny slop for about 30 minutes he talked me into going up the sky lift to one of the higher more advanced slopes. I was terrified!! As soon as we got to the top and we're just about to go down Cody asked my friend to take a picture of us and just as she pulled her phone out he got down on one knee! I was so shocked and excited I dropped down to the ground! And of course said YES!!!



    He did such a great job keeping it a secret and planning, he had been planning this proposal since October of 2015! We have been together for about three and a half years now and will get married November 5, 2016.



    We want to thank you guys for being so kind and helpful and creating the most beautiful ring ever!! We will definitely be using you guys again when purchasing his wedding band and mine!!!

    xoxo, Jacquelyn and Cody

  • Join Our Manchester, New Hampshire Team!

    Sparkle! Shine! Sell!

    Have you ever considered a job in the jewelry industry? Day’s Jewelers is seeking to hire those who love jewelry, enjoy people and are interested in a lifelong career with a great company. Day’s is a family owned New England business that values people. We take pride in professionalism and our commitment to social, ethical and environmental responsibility. Day's Jewelers was voted one of the Best Places to Work in Maine in 2014 & 2015 and we carry that same pride into our New Hampshire store. (If there was a competition I bet we would win it!) We go to great lengths to hire exceptional people and treat them well to ensure that guests will see a familiar face when they return time after time.

    Tour the Manchester Store below

    The first Career Opportunity at Day’s Jewelers Manchester, NH is for a: Jewelry Sales Professional

    The second Career Opportunity at Day’s Jewelers Manchester, NH is for a: Service Specialist

    After reading through the above job descriptions, if this career opportunity is interesting and you want to learn more, please submit your résumé to Joe Corey at, Day’s Jewelers, 66 March Ave, Manchester, NH. or email

    Day’s Jewelers is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

  • What the Carat?!? How to pick the perfect carat size

    What is the best carat size??? This is a question we hear often at Day’s. The bigger question is, what does it all mean? Carat, not to be confused with karat or carrot, is defined as a unit of mass equal to 200 mg used for measuring the weight of diamonds.  Karat is used as a measure of the purity of gold, such as 14 karat yellow gold. The metric carat was adopted in 1907 at the Fourth General Conference on Weights and Measures.  The word carat derives from the Italian carato meaning carob seed.

    Today diamonds are often purchased as the symbol of love for an engagement ring.  Most girls have admired and dreamed about the perfect diamond.  Now that we are all grown up and use Pinterest to pin the perfect ring, how do we pick a diamond carat size?  We know our budget may not allow for a Lady Gaga size diamond as much as we may dream. In regards to size, we’ll try to put it into perspective.

    To be clear, carat is one of the 4 C’s when purchasing a diamond is a factor in determining value. The average diamond size purchased is around a ½ carat.  A ½ carat is often a good starter for couples knowing they can trade up the diamond at some jewelry stores. At Day’s we have an awesome upgrade program to trade up your diamond.


    Most engagement rings at a jewelry store have between a 1/5th carat and upwards. Size wise, a 1 carat diamond is about that of a pea.  The image below shows how a 3, 2, 1, ¾, ½ 1/3 carat loose diamond compare to a 4 carat diamond ring.  This gives a good visual of how a diamond will sparkle on you!!


    carat 2

    This is a great reference to start the search for your diamond. The best way to decide on size is to visit your local store and try it on! What is better than a girl’s date and trying on sparkling diamonds? Trying on a diamond ring will give you the visual to see what looks best and fits your personality. You will know when the perfect size diamond fits you when it makes you smile, you have butterflies and know there is no other diamond that will compare.  Feel free to stop in your nearest Day’s to fall in love with your perfect diamond carat.


    -Amanda Nadeau | Diamond Certified & Diana Rice Diamond Certified Jewelry Professional at Day’s Waterville

  • Welcome 2016! >> FREE PRINTABLE CALENDAR

    January is a time for reflection. A look back on the past 365 days to decide what to carry forward into the new year, and what to leave behind. My advice to you, is to focus in on the things that make you happy and enhance those in 2016. Spend less energy on what you want to change about yourself and more about what you love.

    When setting goals, it is important to give yourself a deadline so that you stay on track. Whether it will take the whole year or just a few weeks, set dates so that you can mark your calendar and check each one off as it is completed. Start by organizing your workspace to create an environment of efficiency with plenty of room for brainstorming. Always keep a tangible calendar close by that you physically have to turn or tear off the pages so that you hold yourself accountable for time. We have created a free printable gemstone inspired calendar that you can download at the bottom of this post.



    The satisfaction of crossing a goal off of your plate is magical but don’t forget to reward yourself. The goals you accomplish help tell the story you leave behind. It is your heirloom left to the world.

    Buy something special to remind yourself of that accomplishment, something you can pass down to your future generations.

    Pressure makes diamonds so take your challenges head-on, head-strong and I guarantee you will be proud of the person who emerges.



    1. Print out your gem on any color cardstock that inspires you

    2. Cut along the outer solid lines

    3. Fold along all of the dotted lines

    4. Glue tabs in place

    5. Take a picture and share with us on Instagram @daysjewelers!


  • Guest Post: Camp Sunshine's Mission & How the Day's Jewelers Family Can Help!

    Jewelers-for-Children-2In 2014, Camp Sunshine was a recipient of a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children after being nominated by our friends at Day’s Jewelers. The grant money went directly to Camp Sunshine’s Family Sponsorship program where it was used to sponsor five children with life-threatening illnesses and their families from around the country at various illness-specific sessions held at our campus in Casco, Maine throughout the year.

    One of the families the Jewelers for Children grant sponsored was Jennifer and her 9-year-old son Anthony, who is still dealing with the residual effects after being diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia at 19 months old:
    “Anthony loves coming to Camp Sunshine, he talks about this place all year long. He looks forward to enjoying all the activities and making new friends. He feels like [this is his] home away from home without being stared at, criticized, judged or labeled. The kids are so comfortable talking about their conditions, and it feels so natural. Parents get a chance to share our experience with others who may just be starting this challenging experience, and at the same time we also get emotional support from other parents and professionals. Thank you for making this experience possible; the memories we take home are priceless.”

    How to help Camp Sunshine win a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children in 2015
    As the only facility in the United States that offers services to every member of the immediate family – not just the ill child – Camp Sunshine continues to receive referrals from over 100 of the nation’s top treatment centers. Jewelers-for-Children-4It is Camp Sunshine’s goal to turn no family away who applies to attend any of our illness-specific sessions, which mandates our need to secure additional sources of funding. We are proud to announce that Day’s Jewelers has once again nominated Camp Sunshine to receive a $10,000 grant from Jewelers for Children. On behalf of Camp Sunshine’s Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and most importantly the children and families we serve, I encourage you to vote daily through October 18:

    1. Click here to vote:
    2. You can choose to "Like" the Jewelers for Children Facebook page or Skip & Continue
    3. Click on the Camp Sunshine logo (top left)
    4. Scroll to the bottom of the page:
      • Enter your email
      • Check the box next to "Vote in this Poll"
      • Click "Submit Choice"

    How Would a Grant from Jewelers for Children Enhance Camp Sunshine’s Programming?
    Camp Sunshine provides a much-needed safe haven to families whose lives are often in turmoil because of serious childhood illnesses. The American-Camp-Association accredited and award-winning program enables families the rare opportunity to engage in therapeutic recreation and psychosocial support in an environment where they do not feel alone or under a microscope.

    The cost to sponsor a family remains $2,000 per family per session, meaning that a $10,000 grant would once again give five additional children with life-threatening illnesses and their families the ability to experience the magic of Camp Sunshine.

    Jewelers-for-Children-3Over the years, funding has supported program development, maintaining the strength of the initial base of children with cancer and their families, to programming which includes sessions for families of children with brain tumors, retinoblastoma, Wilms tumor, sickle cell disease, Fanconi anemia, Schwachman-Diamond syndrome, Diamond Blackfan anemia and Dyskeratosis Congenita. The addition of these programs, particularly for rare situations (e.g., a child with a twin who has cancer, children with Down syndrome who have had Leukemia, members of the military who have a child who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, etc.), has added greater depth to Camp Sunshine, enabling it to further its mission of creating communities of support for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

    At the end of 2015, Camp Sunshine will have hosted 28 illness-specific sessions. These sessions are designed to be illness-specific in order to restore a sense of normalcy and hope by offering families the ability to be around other families who can truly relate to their experiences. All campers are able to participate in age-appropriate activities they might have never tried before coming to Camp Sunshine (singing in the talent show, swimming in the lake, paddle boating, challenging themselves on the ropes course, participating in a cooking class, etc). The often-forgotten well siblings are able to participate in activities they enjoy, thus making them feel special, and parents have many opportunities to spend some quiet, quality time together. Through our psychosocial workshops offered at various times during each session, a safe and supportive community is created for families to heal. We educate, inspire and empower families, preparing them to leave reenergized and ready to face their uncertain futures.

    Camp Sunshine’s Mission
    Camp Sunshine provides respite, support, joy and hope to children with life-threatening illnesses and their immediate families from around the world through the various stages of their journeys. The year-round program is free of charge to all families and includes 24-hour onsite medical and psychosocial support. Camp Sunshine also provides bereavement sessions for families who have had a child pass away as a result of a supported illness. For more information about donating to Camp Sunshine, please visit the giving section of our website, or call a member of our development department at 207-655-3800.

    About the Jewelers for Children Local Grants Program
    Since its inception in 1999, Jewelers for Children has donated more than $48 million to programs benefiting children whose lives have been affected by illness, abuse or neglect. The immense success of the program is due to the continuing generosity of jewelry trade organizations, jewelry and watch manufacturers, jewelry retail stores, individual jewelry professionals and, of course, jewelry consumers.

    About the blogger:

    Our guest blogger today is Kayley Walker, Development Associate at Camp Sunshine. Thanks for the post, Kayley!

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If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of receipt, you may return any merchandise that has not been altered, engraved or customized for a refund, credit or exchange. Merchandise returned must be in its original condition.


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Day's adheres to an everyday low price policy so you can always shop knowing you’re getting the best price possible from an authorized retailer.