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Day’s Jewelers, South Portland, Maine
Day’s Jewelers, South Portland, Maine

One of the best parts of Day's is our location. We are based in Maine, a place where traditional values are still a part of life: taking time to get to know your customer, taking the time to do the job right, and where a handshake is your bond.

Everyone who works at Day's understands that our reason for being is you, our customer. So, we go to extra efforts to make sure that every experience you have in our stores is extraordinary.

When you visit Day's, you won't find us in a mall. Exorbitant mall rent would cause us to raise our prices and we'd rather put our money into carrying the latest in fine jewelry fashion, the space to show you thousands of different items, and the design and service centers each of our stores has to handle all your jewelry needs. Most importantly, we want to save you money.

We currently have a staff of almost 150 professionals who are at your service everyday. Our buyers travel the world to find the finest diamonds, latest in gold, and brand name watches at the best values. If you don't have the best credit score but need to charge a purchase, no worries, we grant our own credit. No banks, no credit card companies, just like the way it used to be.

Day's Owners


Day's Jewelers was founded in 1914 by Captain Harry Davidson, whose ill health forced him to abandon a life at sea. The first Day's was a small pawn shop/auction center located in the Old Port of Portland Maine.

Shortly thereafter, Captain Davidson was joined in the business by his three sons. During the ensuing 30 years, the Davidson brothers opened 21 Day's stores throughout northern New England. Day's quickly became one of the most formidable jewelry store chains on the East Coast.

In 1988, at ages 85 and 80 respectively, Sidney and David Davidson, the remaining owners of Day's, decided to retire. They searched for new owners that would carry on their tradition of value, outstanding quality merchandise, and top level customer service.

They found their new owners in Jeff, Jim, and Kathy Corey, and Mark Ford. Jeff and Jim's father, Robert Corey, had worked for David and Sidney for several years before co-founding his own company in Northern Maine with his wife Enid. Both Jeff and Jim were taught at an early age to appreciate every customer, and treat them like a "King".

Today, Day's operates six stores throughout New England. The new owners combined skills and knowledge from the "old" Day's with modern technology. This change was accomplished without sacrificing the exceptional personal customer service, fine quality, and low prices that have been the reason for Day's success for over 90 years.

We have carried on the proud tradition of the Davidsons'. Day's has also been voted "Best Jeweler" by Market Surveys of America, multiple times throughout all of our locations. As David said so well, "Yes, you always do better at Day's".

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