About Day's Jewelers

Our Mission

At Day’s Jewelers our mission is to stand the test of time. We know that exceeding the expectations of our guest is the most significant thing we can do to accomplish our mission. We work to exceed those expectations by following the simple philosophy of guiding principles below:


We promise to provide the best VALUE in our goods and services.

No Games:  We will not mark prices up just to put them on sale to make you feel like you’re getting a “deal.” We want you to fall in love with a piece and know you’re paying what it is really worth.

Fair Price:  Day’s sells jewelry below the projected “retail” mark that is set by the designer or manufacturer in most cases. Our Merchandising Team also reviews pieces to adjust the price if the market value for gold or other precious materials changes. We display the retail price and the current “Day’s price” on each item tag or item page for your reference.


We promise to provide everyone with the OPPORTUNITY to own fine jewelry.

Day’s Charge Card: Day’s has always been a leader in providing credit to our guests and continues to offer the best Annual Percentage Rate in the jewelry industry. Apply for a Day’s Charge

Day’s Credit: Day’s has several credit options that help make any piece affordable including options that minimize interest and don’t involve running a credit report. Learn more about Day’s Credit Options

Layaway: Day’s offers a layaway program  on all items that does not have any service fees or charge interest Learn more about Day’s Layaway Program


We promise to conduct business in an environment of TRUST and TRANSPARENCY from the people we hire to the jewelry we sell.

Responsible Sourcing: We go Beyond Beauty and only carry jewelry that has been produced by adhering to the strictest Social, Ethical, and Environmental Responsibility standards. Learn more about our Beyond Beauty Program

Voted one of the Best Places to Work in Maine: We go to great lengths to hire exceptional people and treat them well to ensure that every guests will see a familiar face when they return and receive an experience that exceeds their expectations every time they visit. Learn more about Joining our Team

Focus on Exceptional Quality: The Day’s Merchandising Team pays careful attention to the quality of every piece they select for our stores. When the pieces arrive they pass through a strict quality control process to ensure that each piece is of a quality that will exceed your expectations before it even makes it to the showcase. 


We believe that the true value of a piece of jewelry is not what it costs, but what it MEANS to the person wearing it.

Whether you come to a Day’s store or shop at www.daysjewelers.com you can receive personal attention from a Day’s Associate or Personal Shopper to help you choose a piece that embodies the sentiment it is intended for.

If style is your sentiment, the Day’s Merchandising Team seeks out a wide selection of jewelry to compliment different styles. If you follow the latest trends or are a trend-setter yourself, Day’s has unique pieces you won’t find anywhere else. If you prefer something more classic, you’ll find pieces in an array of designs that speak to you in the language of your dreams.

Our History

In 2014, Day’s marks a new accomplishment towards standing the test of time by celebrating 100 years in business. In the last 100 years, Day’s has been family owned and operated by two different families with a strong connection to each other.


Day’s Founding Father

Day's Jewelers was founded in 1914 by Captain Harry Davidson, whose ill health forced him to abandon a life at sea. The first Day's was a small pawn shop/auction center located in the Old Port of Portland Maine. Shortly thereafter, Captain Davidson was joined in the business by his three sons. During the ensuing 30 years, the Davidson brothers opened 21 Day's stores throughout northern New England. Day's quickly became one of the most formidable jewelry store chains on the East Coast.

Passing the Torch

In 1988, at ages 85 and 80 respectively, Sidney and David Davidson, the remaining owners of Day's, decided to retire. They searched for new owners that would carry on their tradition of value, outstanding quality merchandise, and top level customer service.

They found their new owners in Jeff, Jim, and Kathy Corey, and Mark Ford. Jeff and Jim's father, Robert Corey, had worked for David and Sidney after returning as a young soldier from World War II. Robert Corey worked for several years under the Davidson’s before settling down to raise a family and co-founding his own company in Northern Maine with his wife Enid. Robert and Enid raised Jeff and Jim in the Jewelery business and were taught at an early age to appreciate every customer, and treat them like a "King." This is the philosophy that still governs how Day’s does business today. 

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100 Years in the Making

Today, Day's operates six stores throughout New England. The Corey family combined skills and knowledge from the Davidson’s Day's Jewelers with modern technology to create a jewelry retailer for a new era. This evolution enabled Day’s to establish one of the first e-commerce websites for Jewelery in Maine and New Hampshire and continues to make Day’s a jewelry destination for all ages.

In the next 100 years Day’s will continue to innovate and utilize new technologies that enable us to better provide an experience that exceeds expectations through exceptional personal customer service, fine quality, and low prices. These, after all, are things that will never go “out of style” and that generations have come to expect from Day's for more than a century.

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